There are kinds of roofing materials for your house. If you are a landowner who wants to build a house, you would probably have to decide between choosing shingles and metal roofing. Both are good materials on a roof and if you are confused yet, here are some of the positive and negative qualities of both materials. 

Metal roofing 

Metal roofing is common to areas with extreme and harsh weather conditions.

Unlike shingles, metal roofing can take heat and cold more without fading. Also, metal roofing is more versatile than its counterpart and lasting decades longer than it.

However, metal roofing is a more complex material to install as it requires specific techniques, experienced installers, and more pieces and parts. 

What are the advantages of metal roofing? 

  • Metal roofing is lightweight
  • Metal roofing lasts longer than shingles
  • Metal roofing is low maintenance

Metal roofing is Lightweight

Metal roofing is lightweight– Unlike shingles, metal roofing materials are lighter which means that roofing contractors can easily transport and install this material unlike the latter. And because metal roofing material is lighter, it does not damage the frame of the building. 

Metal roofing lasts longer than shingles

Metal roofing lasts longer than shingles– Perhaps the fact that metal roofing can last longer than shingles is a major factor in why more and more people are choosing metal roofing over the other. It is expected that metal roofing will last for five decades before showing signs of degradation. Some even last a century. 

Metal roofing is low maintenance

Metal roofing is low maintenance– Especially if your roof is well-installed; taking care of metal roofing is minimal. The manufacturer will tell you instructions on how to take care of your roof. For starters, looking for debris like twigs and leaves are the things to look for in the gutter because they might block the drainage. 


Shingle Roofing 

Shingle roofs are present everywhere. Compared to metal roofing, they are more popular amongst American homes. For a century, shingles have been the preferred choice of many when it comes to roofing material. Shingles, compared to metal roofing, take easier time to install.

What are the advantages of shingle roofing? 

  • Shingle roofing has more installers
  • Shingles are cheaper in the short term
  • Shingle roofing has more insurance coverage

Shingle roofing has more installers

Shingle roofing has more installers – Unlike a metal roof, there are more roofing contractors that can install shingle roofing. It is important to find a qualified roofing contractor for the project. Once shingles have been secured to structures, shingles can be walked on or be taken for support. 

Shingles are cheaper in the short term

Shingles are cheaper in the short term– One of the reasons why most people have shingle roofing is because of its cheaper price. Shingle roofing normally costs half of the total price for metal roofing.

Shingle roofing has more insurance coverage

Shingle roofing has more insurance coverage– Shingle roofing has more warranties than metal roofing. This is an advantage that you can take if you have these kinds of roofs. Manufacture error, material defect, algae growth, and contractor error are some of the warranties you can get from having shingle roofing. 

Before choosing the type of roof, a homeowner should consider your budget, roof design, the life cycle of your building, your environment, and finding a qualified contractor. All roofs have their advantages, and they, of course, depend on how you take care of the roof, no matter the material used. 


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