Register Under GST Online

Most Effective Way to Register Under GST Online in Delhi

New Delhi, being the capital of India and an international business hub, is in the center of the GST rage that has been brewing since 1st July 2017.

GST or goods and services tax, is the new tax regime subsuming all other indirect taxes like VAT and excise duty levied by the central and state governments in India. You are liable to register under GST if you have an annual turnover of over 20 lakh rupees, 10 lakh rupees if your business place is North-Eastern states.

Most Effective Way to Register Under GST Online

Register Under GST Online

Most existing businesses have already transitioned to the GST regime, the businesses that haven’t will quite likely suffer. But, if you are a new business, then you need to register within 30 days of being liable to register. So, what is the most effective way to register under GST online in Delhi?

The most effective way to register for GST in Delhi is undoubtedly through You can go to the official site and being the registration process. However, it is quite tedious and time taking, more so if you do not have enough time to spare and if you aren’t at all familiar with the use of the internet in that manner.

So, one of the most effective ways to register is through a professional firm. For a small fee, there are many professional firms in Delhi that will help you with GST registration. All you have to do is send in the soft copy of the required documents. When needed in future, they can also file your returns.

Here’s a detailed list of documents you need to register GST online in Delhi: (or all over India)

  1. Documents you need to register a Private Limited Company/ public company i.e. limited company or OPC i.e. One person company

Company documents

  • Company PAN card
  • Company registration certificate
  • MOA or Memorandum of Association/ AOA or Articles of Association
  • A copy of the company’s bank statement
  • Board Resolution’s copy
  • Declaration on compliance to provisions.
  • Director related documents
  • ID proof and PAN of directors
  • Registered office documents
  • Photocopy Water bill, landline bill, copy of electricity bill
  • NOC ( no objection certificate) from the owner
  • Copy of a rent agreement if the place of business is rented

Company documents

  1. Documents for LLP i.e. Limited Liability Partnerships:

LLP documents

  • The LLP’s PAN Card
  • LLP Registration Certificate
  • Partnership agreement of the LLP
  • LLP’s Bank Statement copy
  • Declaration for compliance to the provisions
  • Copy of Board resolution

LLP documents for Designated Partnership

  • ID proof and PAN cards of designated partners

Registered Office documents

  • electricity bill/landline bill, water Bill copy
  • No objection certificate ( NOC) from the owner of the place of business
  • Rent agreement of the place of business if it is rented

There are many professional firms in Delhi that help with GST online in Delhi registration.  Make sure you hire services from a reputable, reliable, and reasonably priced and a professional firm. These firms not only save your time and energy during registration, they can also help you with filing your returns.

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