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New Options from Delhi to Mumbai

Delhi is the national capital. Delhi Mumbai Train is the financial capital. Both the cities have a huge population. Connecting these two cities is very important for the country. With large populations residing in cities, trade and business movement are very high.

Be it a visit to your family, or a business trip to Mumbai from Delhi. You want to get there fast, and you want to get there for cheap. Even though there are daily multiple daily flights to Mumbai, the preferred transport for a large part of the population is trains.

Delhi to Mumbai trains run daily. Before 2017, there used to be two Rajdhani, with the introduction of the third one, the fares have reduced. It now costs about 600-800 rupees lesser to the cover the 1,377km. The new Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani has cut the travel time by two hours. It covers the busy route in just less than 14 hours. The two other Rajdhani are the Kranti Rajdhani and the Delhi Mumbai Train Central-New Delhi Rajdhani which take about 16-17 hours. Like most other Rajdhani, the train is hauled by two electric locomotives for better acceleration and braking, and hence, can achieve higher average speeds.

 Delhi railway station

Developments like these are in crying need for the railways losing its passengers to competitive airfares. Airline fares are at times cheaper than the AC 2 Tier and AC 1 Tier fares for flights between the two cities.

The Flexi fare is not levied on bookings on this train. The base fare, however, is 20 percent more than that of the existing Rajdhani on the route.

The train starts at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi and will terminate at Bandra Terminus in Delhi Mumbai Train. It will have only three stops en route at, Kota, Vadodara, and Surat. The train runs for three days a week. It departs from Delhi on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and from Bandra on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. TO further reduce prices, the catering services will be an option for the passengers who travel on this train.

This route holds an important prospect. The same route has been proposed for possible special corridor developments for semi-high-speed services.

Delhi to Mumbai Train

The special train will consist of one first AC, two 2AC and twelve 3AC coaches besides a pantry car and two power cars.

The arrival of the train at the respective cities is extremely beneficial for the travelers, especially those who are on a business tour. The train is expected to arrive at 6 in the morning at the city. This will give the traveler more time to spend in the city, during waking hours. With both the cities infamous for it peak hour traffic, arrival in the early morning, helps the traveler beat the traffic.

Besides the Rajdhani, a few super-fast Duronto trains connect Delhi and Mumbai. These trains, however, are not very frequent and the timetables are not the most convenient. If you are looking for even cheaper Delhi-Mumbai trains, the Hazrat Nizamuddin – Mumbai Bandra T Garib Rath Express. Garib Rath trains are “poor chariot” trains and offer cheap and fast travel.

The next time you want to travel from Delhi Mumbai Train, keep in mind these points and choose the most feasible train for your travel.

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