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Nine Tips to Hiring an Android App Developer

Being one of the most prominent smartphone platforms, Android enjoys a large amount of popularity. Most of it is because of its flexibility and its open source nature. Android, as of September 2018, dominates the smartphone market by owning a share of a whopping 76.61%. Furthermore, as of the Q1 of 2018, Google Play Store has 38,00,000 apps registered on it with more adding to that number every day. All of it makes it abundantly clear that a significant fraction of smartphone users side with Android and it is only prudent for businesses to develop an app for it.

Developing an Android app has multiple benefits for a business. The prime among them is the market share they get to target; Android has a far greater population penetration than any other smartphone OS in the market.

But before you hire a development firm to start working on your project, you need to understand that developing an Android app is a challenging task. Furthermore it always risky to invest in apps because there are very realistic chances that your app will not provide your projected ROI and will end up becoming a financial liability. A lot of it depends on the development firm that you hire; a competent and professional development firm will make a good product. And an amateur firm with poorly-trained workforce will let you down.

So to make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we have created a list of nine tips you should consider while you hire an Android app developer.

So let’s dive in!

1. Check Skills 

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There is no match in this world for skills. A skilled workforce will always add value to your development process. They will be able to understand your needs better and will be able to cater them better as well. So make sure that the development firm you hire has good, properly-trained developers, designers, and market personnel who can deal with your needs. Furthermore, the skills of the development team you hire must be up to date. They should be able to provide you with the latest technological support to make the best possible app for your business.

2. Check Experience

Though skills are of great value, they go hand in hand with experience. An experienced workforce who has delivered solutions which have done well in the market will understand the market better. They will be able to give your app that extra edge over your competitors. Furthermore, an experienced development firm will know of all the pitfalls in the way, and they will be able to guide you past them.

Hiring an amateur development team can lead to a poor end-product. Know this that android app development is an arduous task and there are a lot of variables involved in the equation which can go wrong. So you need an experienced driving force to lead you to your end goal.

3. Don’t be too rigidly cost-centric

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While one of the prime reasons to outsource your development process is that it is cost effective, it is never a good idea to be too rigid on cost. The Android app development process is costly. Mostly because of the prolonged testing phase. Android has many variations in the market, and thus an app needs to be tested for most of them. Other than testing too, app development, in general, is a costly task. You will need to lend a server; maybe you will need to buy some plugins; the overall gist is, you-need-money. And if you don’t siphon in the appropriate amount, then the app will never be as good as it could have been. Furthermore, beware of the companies which are ready to work on too low prices, because they will cut back on the quality of your product to match their quote.

4. Check portfolio

Before you hire a development firm, check their portfolio- The projects they have done and the companies they have worked with before you. Most firms are happy to flaunt their work and showcase their project reel on their websites. And you can ask for a portfolio from the developers, too. What this will do is assure you that this is a legit company which provides good products. If a company is unable to provide a portfolio, then never partner with them because they might be trying to scam you.

5. Research, Research, Research

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Once you set your eyes on a firm, start researching it. Conduct past customer interviews, read reviews of their apps and company reviews on sites like Make sure that they have a competent workforce; try to find out if they are punctual and flexible? Do they maintain proper communication? And are they able of making 9apps with high ROI? This will provide you a better insight into the type of work this firm does.

6. Development process

Ask the firm you aim to hire about their development process. How often do they contact you? Do they maintain communication with the employer or not? Most firms use platforms like Skype or Google Hangouts to keep strong communication with the employers. Furthermore, know if your inputs will be valued or not? Are they flexible enough to accommodate any changes you might make during the development phase?

7. Go for a reputed company

While off-shore companies are cost-effective, they sometimes are unable to provide satisfactory products. So just to be on the safe side, always go with the firm with a good reputation and market image.

8. Privacy, NDA and SLA

Before you hire some firm, sign various confidentiality agreements and NDAs so that your idea remains your property. This way, they cannot use it for some other business firm. Also, make sure that you agree upon a reasonable payment plan, fractured into installments which will be paid on various milestones in the development phase.

9. Check if the company provides post-development services or not?

Developing an app is only half the battle won. After it is launched there can be all manner of problems. The app could face some technical errors, or there can be some undetected bugs which need fixing. Moreover, once an app is released, it continually needs to be updated as well. So make sure you hire a firm which provides post-launch services. Also, a dedicated team for your app is a requirement you cannot bypass. Most times companies take on multiple projects at the same time and thus their workforce is too stretched. Because of that, they are unable to provide you with your dedicated development team.


Android is the king of the SmartPhone market; the numbers are a testament to that. So having an Android app built for your business is a smart move on your part; it gives you access to a large number of users, it is flexible, and it always provides good ROI. So keep in mind the tips mentioned above and get your business an Android app and start making those profits you always talked about.

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