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DOKTORS is the best online doctor consultation app in Kolkata, India that helps patients connect with verified doctors via Video Call anytime, anywhere. Looking for a trusted & leading online dr consultation near you? Consult a doctor online on the DOKTORS app for any health concerns. Patients can book online appointments through our convenient app and providing  24×7 consult doctor services from the comfort of their home.

Health is the most crucial part of the world. However, due to pandemic issues, some people, especially those who belong to rural areas, are unable to connect with efficient doctors and are also unable to achieve proper and best medical facilities due to the presence of lockdown in different cities. To overcome this kind of circumstances an app/website called DOKTORS are designed by some people who are capable of providing the best medical facilities through online and offline medium to the common people especially those who are living in rural areas.


People can access our application by installing the DOKTORS app through the play store or can access the website from a google page. One of the most important facilities which are provided by accessing the website is, users can connect efficient doctors like gynecologists, eye specialists, orthopedic surgeons, optometrists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, urologist doctors, pediatricians, rheumatologists, psychology, pediatrician, skin specialist, cardiologists doctor, diabetologist, thyroid specialist or throat doctor virtually or by video conferencing mode, which is very new, effective and helpful for the users. An e-prescription facility is also available in our app. On the webpage, many instructions regarding the precautions of coronavirus are provided not only that but people also get important information regarding vaccination especially regarding corona vaccination on the health centre.

Along with that, patients who are affected by coronavirus can easily book a bed in a hospital and the cost of different diagnostic tests including blood tests, urine tests, RT-PCR tests, and so on are very marginal. People can consult highly efficient doctors anytime regarding their queries. After overviewing the list and level of facilities provided by the online doctor consultation app, there is no doubt to say that DOKTORS is the best online platform for consulting physicians or doctors in India.

Please visit here, https://doktors.co.in


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