OurCoaching.com Opens Up a World of Possibilities ELearning

OurCoaching.com Opens Up a World of Possibilities in E-Learning

Ourcoaching.com – An E Learning Platform. A platform where you can share your knowledge and earn form it. A platform specifically for Indian educators and students

With advancements in technology and communication, traditional learning imparted in school, colleges and institutes has taken the leap beyond the four walls of a class. Today, in the 21st century, digital learning on devices and screens has become ubiquitous and rather convenient. Millions of students can now go online to enroll in their favorite course and enhance their skillset over a duration of time without having to sit in a class.

So, what makes Ourcoaching.com different?

  • Free For All

One quick search will tell you that this online portal promises everything that a good e-learning website should: plethora of topics to choose from, well-researched and easy to understand tutorials, online courses on various subjects, and access to some of the best tutors and mentors. Yet, there is a major difference. With the belief that learning and education should be universal and accessible, Ourcoaching.com allows anyone and everyone to take up any course he or she desires – without having to pay a single penny.

  • A Two-Way Street

At Ourcoaching.com, everyone is free to learn as well as teach. After all, knowledge is a two-way street – everyone is an expert in something while having a desire to learn something new. Therefore, this platform provides registered users the chance to not only learn about any topic they want but also share their knowledge and expertise with the world by creating quality content, tutorials, projects, infographics, and more. Thus, you can leave behind your ideas, experience and expertise on the platform with the assurance that it will be the perfect learning resource for someone just like you on the opposite end of the spectrum!

  • Not Just For Students

Yes, that’s true. Why should an e-learning platform be restricted to only students? At Ourcoaching.com, there is a huge network of accomplished tutors and instructors with expertise in over 10,000 topics. These instructors are changing the way tuitions are conducted in the modern world by offering private tutoring according to individual student’s requirements. In two easy steps, one can connect with the instructor with the right set of skills for a desired subject.

  • Earn As You Educate

This is where a world of possibilities opens up to students and tutors alike. What better incentive for you to share your knowledge than getting the opportunity to earn some money on the go? All that an online instructor has to do is register yourself on the site, use multiple free tools to create high quality and informative tutorials on the subjects of your liking, upload them on the website, and voila! Moreover, anyone has complete freedom and autonomy to design even groundbreaking teaching courses – something which will result in good monetary earnings!

  • Institutes Are Welcome

Last, but not the least, the revolutionary e-learning platform we are talking about also provides a fantastic opportunity to renowned institutes to connect with prospective students and tutors, post free listings, and ultimately market themselves better by creating a dent in the space of e-learning.

With Ourcoaching.com, e-learning will never be the same. Such a bespoke model of knowledge sharing has hitherto not been imagined. Having reached out to millions of users through 1500+ tutorials and a network of 20000+ tutors and coaching institutes, the e-learning platform has already bridged the long gap between those with a desire for education and a true library of knowledge.

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