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Paintball Playing Tips

This post will help you optimize your skills and abilities , and will lead you to become the most effective and accurate exterminator of all who dispute the game.

There are many articles and posts that you are going to find on the different websites about the world of Paintball, but we want to present you the reference post in which we will gather the best Paintball tips for every player that wants to start in this hilarious world.

12 Paintball tips to become the best paintball player

1-DO NOT GO HERO : Remember that Paintball is a team sport. If you attack you will only be riddled . The best advice that we can give you is that you draw up a good strategy with your friends and attack each other. The difference is abysmal.

2-STUDY WELL THE FIELD BEFORE YOU BEGIN : Before starting the game look sideways at the field and get a good idea of the path you can draw to advance along one of the flanks. Once we are in the middle of the battle, with shots raining from all sides, it is very difficult to find out which is the best way forward.

3-FILL THE CHARGER BEFORE STARTING THE NEW ROUND : Carry refills on the camouflage belt to reload in the middle of the battle. However, this is quite difficult when they are trying to eliminate you everywhere. Our advice is that you always top-up before the next round.

4-DESIGN A GOOD STRATEGY : We have seen hundreds of teams worse than their rivals, but they won thanks to a good strategy. Dedicate a few minutes before each game to draw a plan .

5-PUT EMPHASIS ON THE COMMUNICATION : Even if you have the best strategy, then the game goes around a lot. Only by talking to each other can you achieve the goal. Sometimes the information about where the captain is, who carries the flag, how much is left for the bomb to explode, is more valuable than the best of the soldiers.

6-COME IN A GOOD CONDITION : Paintball demands physically because it forces us to adopt positions that we are not accustomed to (squatting, crawling, crouching….). Coming to play while in shape will give you a lot of advantage , since you will have to run like the one that most.

7-POINT BEFORE SHOOTING : Many times we go crazy shooting bursts without knowing what or who. Our advice is that you know where you want to shoot and anticipate the movement of the enemy.

8-USE GUSTS : One of the best recommendations to play Paintball that we can give you is to use the burst shot. Many players make the mistake of shooting one ball at a time, but this minimizes the chances of impacting your target. The reality is that no matter how good you aim, there are many factors such as air, or distance, that can cause you to fail. It is best that you get used to shooting 3 or 4 times each time so that the first shot will guide you and the others correct.

9-TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE FIRST SECONDS : The first moments of the game can take the opposing team by surprise. We have seen dozens of players take advantage of these first seconds to run away and obtain positions of much advantage or even directly complete the objective.

10-THE PRIORITY IS THAT YOU LIVE : Sometimes we do not realize how important a good defense is to not leave our team with fewer players. It is better that you kill only one player and stay alive, kill two and die.  

11-DO NOT AIM AS IN THE FILMS : In Paintball there is no time for you to aim quietly with the eye in the peephole. Our recommendation is that you take the marker at chest height and shoot from there. That way the mask won’t bother you and you will shoot much faster.

12-CARE WITH THE CAMPEROS : There is a very dirty strategy (and less fun) but it works in Paintball: stay hidden in a place without moving waiting to surprise someone from the opposite team. We are used to detecting movement, so when someone stays still it is hard for us to see it. Very careful with this type of ambush.

We hope and wish that all these tips that we have tried to transmit today can be put into practice by enjoying an epic Paintball battle with your best friends.

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