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What Factors Need Be Considered While Taking A Personal Loan

While taking a personal loan will not unfavourably affect your credit score, if you fail to pay, it will certainly harm your score.

Perhaps the frightening thing about the financial crisis is that there is no warning when they come. Although reserving an emergency fund for such occasions is the practical thing to do, sometimes you may not have saved enough depending on the nature of the financial crisis. Thanks to a personal loan, you can still cope with this crunch.

Since they are unsecured loans, one of the most important benefits is that they can be used to deal with any financial need — whether it is to rebuild your house, a medical emergency, or for higher education funding. You need not provide any guarantee to avail of the loan. Let’s look at some of things that you must to adhere to when you apply for a personal loan


Personal loans are not like home loans or car loans; they can be used to fulfill any financial need. There are multiple reasons to get a personal loan- to clear off outstanding debt or for funding higher education or redecorating your house. It may seem like an unconvincing idea to apply for one but it is not. It makes them an alternative to credit card debt that is more convenient.

Fine print

Reading the agreement is crucial before you are sure of applying for a personal loan. Read up on important details like about repayment plan, maximum loan time, any income conditions, and how long it will take for sanction.

Also, be cautious about administering fees. Some loans offer exceptionally low-interest rates as part of many promotions but charge high processing charges to cover up the difference.


The general rule to contemplate when you apply for a personal loan is to be mindful of why you require it. This way, you can meticulously plan the repayment schedule and clear off your debts. Consider researching and compare interest rates. Even the smallest difference can help you save thousands of rupees during the loan period.

Pay EMIs

While taking a personal loan will not unfavorably affect your credit score, if you fail to pay, it will certainly harm your score. With a poor credit score, it gets tough to avail of any loans in the future. Before you sign on any documents to get the loan, use a personal loan EMI calculator for the expected monthly repayment value. Make sure you are capable to pay these EMI’s on time every month. If you cannot, contemplate going for a longer loan term or lowering your loan amount.

Be mindful of your finances and expenditure habits before you seek a personal loan. While it can help you during a financial crunch, it involves a financial promise and the discipline of timely repayments.

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