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Plan Your Beach Wedding in Mumbai With Personal Loan

Marriages are a once-in-a-lifetime affair and so everyone wants to make theirs an unforgettable experience. What about the finances?

Destination and theme weddings are a craze among individuals planning to get married. They either choose to wed in a new place for an unforgettable experience or, if their city offers everything, a theme wedding is planned. Mumbai, with its famous beaches, offers every bride and groom the perfect destination for a beach-themed wedding. Marriages are a once-in-a-lifetime affair and so everyone wants to make theirs an unforgettable experience. What about the finances?

Planning a beach wedding and that too in a metropolitan city like Mumbai is a costly affair. As it is, average Indian weddings involve an expenditure which starts from INR 10 lakhs. Thereafter, the sky is the limit. When it comes to planning beach weddings, the cost increases manifold. How then, do you think, you can have a fairy-tale wedding?

The answer is simple – through a personal loan.

Yes, personal loans offer an easy source of funding for planning your marriage and meeting any type of expenses which incur. They provide the following benefits –

  • Multi-purpose use

Personal loans can be used for any financial need, no questions asked. Whether you have to book the perfect beach, hire a caterer or fund your wedding trousseau, a personal loan would be available at your disposal.

Wedding Personal Loan

  • Unsecured nature

The best thing about a personal loan is that the loan does not require any collateral security or third party guarantee. With your assets tied up in the marriage, you don’t have to pledge them to the lender to avail the loan. You would just have to apply for the loan and the lender would grant the loan based on your financial status and net income.

  • Affordable 

Personal loans allow you repayment tenures of up to 5 years. As such, you can easily repay the loan without hurting your finances. Moreover, the loan also has affordable interest rates which do not burden your pockets when repaying the loan.

Wedding Personal Loan

  • Easy application process with minimal documentation

Personal loans are the easiest loans which are available instantly. So, even if you have a wedding emergency which needs funding, a personal loan would be available. The application process has been made online which has simplified the whole process of applying for the loan. Moreover, since the loan is unsecured in nature, the documents required to avail the loan are also minimal. You just need to submit a handful of documents and avail the loan instantly.

  • Multiple variants 

Personal loans also come in many variants and you can choose a loan which meets your needs. You can either avail a generic personal loan which is offered by every lender or you can choose wedding-specific loans which are offered by some lenders.

So, personal loans are your go-to solution for planning your beach themed wedding in Mumbai. Why should your wishes for a grand marriage remain unfulfilled when personal loans are around to supply you with funds? Just check the eligibility criteria of the lenders, compare lenders to choose a lender offering the lowest interest rate, apply online, submit the relevant documents and a personal loan would be sanctioned easily. Simple, isn’t it?

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