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Polyester, Vinyl, and Polycarbonate: Which is Perfect for Your Sticker Needs?

Stickers are mainly used for brand promotion and labeling of the products. When you are in need of the sticker for your business requirements the first thing that comes to your mind is to select the best material for the sticker. There are various materials in which the stickers are manufactured and each material has certain specific benefits and features. The different kinds of materials are polyester, vinyl, and polycarbonate.

Which of these 3 is the perfect material for stickers you need to have made? Whether there are other sticker materials that are well suited for your particular product requirements? First, let us discuss these 3 materials that suit well for manufacturing the stickers


Vinyl Sticker Needs

 Vinyl sticker manufacturer fabricates the vinyl stickers as it exhibits properties like durable but not more than a polyester one. Because vinyl is not that much tear resistant when compared with the polyester. Due to its flexible nature, it can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes and can be stamped on a variety of materials or surfaces. Besides this, it is not chemical resistant and tears resistant like other sticker materials. To protect the vinyl sticker from chemicals, grease, and dirt, overlaminate can be used.

Vinyl is mainly selected by those who need the sticker that doesn’t require a background, is primarily one that can be stamped to give a floating appearance. This sticker is basically used for company logos, decorative tags, and instructional labels.


Polyester Sticker Needs

When you heard the word polyester, which is similar to the cloth material and it is made out of the exact similar materials. The properties that are possessed by polyester are very durable sticker material significantly because of its various qualities like tear resistant, water resistant and also shrink resistant. This unique material can also survive on many exposure substances like oil, solvent, and numerous chemicals. This particular property makes it useful in various environments that indulge indoor and outdoor ones.

Stickers that are manufactured using this material are more often used in various industries mainly those that are exposed to the above-given conditions. It is used in agriculture, manufacturing and construction industries. Some of the other uses of polyester stickers indulge warning, instructional stickers, parking permits, asset identification, and branding stickers.


Another durable material is the polycarbonate that is used to manufacture the sticker. This is chosen by many companies that require the highly durable and versatile material at the same time. This is less weight material but at the same time very tough. Its significant property is its scratch resistant that can be used for decorative purposes. Besides this, it is also resistant to various kinds of chemicals and harsh substance.

The main application for this material indulges overlays, instructional stickers, instrument panel labels, and other same applications.

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