Remove Candle Wax Clothes

How to Remove Candle Wax From Clothes

How to remove candle wax from clothes

Candle wax can prove to be a menace when it lands on the surface of clothes. As a matter of fact, you will not fancy wearing any cloth whose surface has been messed up by candle wax. The sight is grimy and not even worth looking at.

But, how can you get rid of the candle wax and restore your cloth to its original state? This is the question that most people ask. Some people actually manage to remove the wax but fail to retain the initial elegance of their outfit.

This is actually what is common. But, you can change this by simply taking advantage of the following tips for removing candle wax from any piece of cloth irrespective of the nature of the fabric.

First Things First

Remove Candle Wax Clothes

When the candle wax has just landed on the surface of your cloth in its fluid state, the first thing you have to do is to wait for it to dry. Most people do not know this.

They often want to rush into removing the wax shortly after it has just hit the surface of their cloth. But, that is a bad way of dealing with the issue: it usually causes the wax to spread to other parts of the shirt.

The best way is to let the wax dry naturally or to use a drying agent. Some people use ice cubes or simply place the cloth in a freezer: either method works quite perfectly. The bottom line is to make sure that the wax has dried. Being nothing a fluid, it is likely to solidify faster once it has been exposed to ice or extremely low temperatures.

Scrapping off The Wax

Remove Candle Wax Clothes

The next thing that you have to do is to scrap off the excess wax. In order to successfully do this, you have to use a reliable scrapper. This is not complicated and can easily be achieved by means of a blunt knife.

Provided the wax has completely dried up, most of it is likely to be removed during this process. You can even use a scrapping knife: a tool that is specifically meant for tasks such as this.

Getting Rid of The Rest Of The Wax

Remove Candle Wax Clothes

The steps above do not get rid of all the wax. Rather, they only meant to remove a significant fraction of it. Therefore, additional steps are required to remove all the wax. In most cases, the use of a pressing iron is the most reliable way of getting rid of candle wax. This step is usually tricky and often requires adequate attention.

First of all, you have to make sure your pressing iron is not very hot. You have to moderate the heat in such a way that it only causes the wax to melt completely but does not cause any damage to the cloth.

This is important as it will determine whether some wax may spread to other parts in the process or not.

Important Steps:

The next important thing to be concerned about is the fact that there should be no direct contact between the wax and the pressing iron. You should try by all means to prevent this from happening by putting a piece of paper beneath the iron.

In this way, all the wax will be transferred to the paper each time you press the iron. If the wax that remained in the steps above is a lot, you can replace the paper from time to time. This process has to be continued until all the wax has been removed from your Trueface cheap jumpsuits UK.

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