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Top Natural Home Remedies for Postnasal Drip Syndrome

Young children are more likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses when the weather is cold or it suddenly changes. Even adults can easily get those respiratory symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and the most uncomfortable one – postnasal drip Syndrome…. because of the weather condition, polluted environment or genes. Here are five magical tips for post nasal drip that many parents share with each other, as it’s extremely safe and simple for any ages.

Some finds coughing, stuffy nose, nasal drip can be completely erased by antibiotics treatments. However, this is a huge mistake when this disease caused by viruses and using medicine is incurable. Moreover, using drugs is partially harmful to the gastrointestinal system, and body resistance.

Nasal congestion or post nasal drip often causes weeping, anorexia, especially it makes children avoid eating, suffer runny or thick nasal drip, and wheezing. At this time, you can use these following treatments without medication.

Curing Post Nasal Drip

1: Clean nostrils by 0.9%NaCL

Cleaning your nostrils every day is the best and the easiest way to get rid of bacteria, inflammation inside the nose. However, these following points need to be noted when using 0.9%NaCL:

  1. Use 0.9% NaCl solution to wash your nose. Should buy at pharmacies rather than homemade.
  2. Pour 1-2 small drops, wait for a few minutes until nasal drip turn to fluid dilution form, then clean up. For newborn babies: can use nose suction device/cup; With older children: mother can instruct your child to properly blow the nose (do not cover the back), then wipe with a clean towel/tissue
  3. Wash your nostrils 4-7 times a day depending on your stuffiness status.

2:  Gargle with Salt Water

Make light salty water or buy 0.9%NaCL at the drugstore, take a big sip, gargle properly. Do not swallow, let the salt water spread into all corner of your mouth,, making a noise in the throat to get rid of all bacteria.

Because throat is connected with nasal so keep your throat clean can be the best way to avoid nasal disease and other respiratory symptoms.

3: Melaleuca Oil

Melaleuca Oil

Pour some of the pure Melaleuca oil into your fingertips, and apply it on the nose for your easier breathe. This is a very effective and simple nasal congestion tip that you should consider.

You can use Melaleuca oil or melaleuca eucalyptus, applied to soles of your feet then massage your them properly, keep warm by putting the socks on. Additionally, apply a little to the chest, abdomen and your back to keep your body warm, which helps reduce nasal drip and erase stuffiness reasonably.

4: Drink Plenty of Water

As simple, this is really useful for the respiratory system to work better. With plenty of water to help release sputum, the mucus protects the respiratory tract smoothly. In addition, water also helps the body to get rid of bacteria and toxins quickly.

5: Nose Massage

Nose Massage

Did you know that nasal congestion is accompanied by nasal drip that makes breathing difficult? Just after the massage, your breathing will be much lighter, your postnasal drip Syndrome will gradually disappear

– Use two thumbs, press upward and downward lightly at the point of both sides consecutively for about 1 minute then release. Do not take too long because it can cause shortness of breath.

If you have a stuffy nose on one side, lie down the left side to the right or vice versa. Use your index finger to press the nose gently.

6: Folk Remedies/ Herbal Methods.

Folk Remedies - Herbal Methods

If your nasal drip is serious, it can be a sign that you have allergic rhinitis or sinusitis, because of some local factors such as sudden changes in weather, flowers, dust … The disease is often difficult to cure and recover by curing only with NaCL or melaleuca oil. In order to stabilize the disease in a long-term, patients should find ways with herbal remedies.

Recently, Vietnamese traditional medical institute has learned about the method of using mulberry flowers, has been successfully applied by thousands of patients and results are very positive. Many people have ended the disease and keep that the healthy status for dozens of years.

  1. Wash mulberry flowers, chop and dry into a preservation bottle to use gradually.
  2. When used, take 1 tablespoon of dried flower, boil with water for 15 minutes to dissolve the oil inside the flower.
  3. Mix with honey for easy drinking. Do not to replace honey by sugar.
  4. Drink 2-3 glasses of Mulberry-honey water per day, repeat every day in the first two months will gradually reduce the symptoms of postnasal drip Syndrome and other nasal diseases.

7: Avoid those Common Mistakes when Curing Post Nasal Drip

Many parents who cure nasal drip for children often make serious mistakes, which not only do not help relieve but also make the disease worse.

Curing Post Nasal Drip

  1. Taking antibiotics at the wrong dose: Antibiotics should be taken at the right dose, usually during 7-10 days depending on the age and each different disease that the doctor instructs, even if the symptoms have already disappeared. For nasal rhinitis in children, antibiotics will strictly not be used to treat the disease caused by the virus. Many parents keep continuing using medicines on their own regardless of the real causes. Some also stop using the medicine as the instructions when they feel relieved, which will lead to an easy recurrence. They do not understand that even symptoms have disappeared, the virus has not.
  2. Too much nasal irritation: removing harshly the mucus that protects your nose from dirt and bacteria or too much nose cleaning can damage mucosa, which is more likely to lead to rhinitis.
  3. Use fresh garlic juices: Garlic is considered as a natural antibiotic that enhances the body’s resistance to fungi and bacteria. However, many people who use this juices for baby which can cause dangerous burns, edema.
  4. Food diet to reduce post nasal drip symptoms: Some with nasal disease avoid to eat some healthy food such as seafood, fish…However, diet even can lead to severe nasal congestion because of rapid decline in health resistance. The disease is also more difficult to heal and inadvertently, it will create an ideal condition for many other diseases/bacteria has opportunity to attack.

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