Property In Dubai on discount

With a reputation of being the business hub of the world, Dubai is famously and infamously known for the place exclusive to a boujee lifestyle, which is why most people do not even dare to imagine staying in Dubai.

However, this perception of overpriced Dubai can be shattered for Dubai is now coming up with more and more budget-friendly options to welcome the people belonging to various strata.

Realizing the need for inexpensive places, landlords are now open to not only get their properties sold and rented, at negotiable rates but are further offering incentives like rent-free periods. Here is a brief list of pocket-friendly options for anyone who either wants to work for a while in the city, is looking for a villa for sale in Dubai, or chooses to spend their vacations here.

Dubai Sports City

If you are someone with an intense proclivity for a healthy lifestyle and on the lookout for a place that would not assault your wallet, Dubai sports city is a place for you. With the endless jogging tracks and parks with greeneries, one can stretch and relax before or after a strenuous day.

Moreover, this place offers myriads of biking lanes and sporting facilities to help its residents to opt for a healthier lifestyle. So get your dream home on rent here for as low as AED 54,709!

International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Back in 2003, the TECOM established a community called International Media Production Zone with a purpose to assist the media related companies to flourish.

Now it is known for its cheap rentals and commercial centers. It is a place to stay if one aims to pay less than AED 50,000  and relish some peace amidst the bustling central Dubai. Qasar Sabah is a noteworthy building in IMPZ that offers quaint and affordable one-bedroom apartments with outstanding facilities.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

On your hunt to get an economical residence in Dubai where emerging technologies thrive?

Look no further right in the center of Dubai sits a place called Dubai Silicon Oasis, which is not merely a nerdy technological hub but also is an ideal location to kick start your business for it has endless commercial spaces that can easily be bought and rented for just AED 32, 000 per annum.

Green Community

With the fast-changing dynamics of bustling Dubai, there is nothing one craves more than a place to rejuvenate themselves and be afresh to take on more challenges. If you are someone for whom the peace of mind holds a top priority then Green Community is exactly where you need to be.

With luscious green surrounding you all the time and fresh air coming in and out of your lungs, you can make you feel at home irrespective of where you originally belong. All of this with just for AED 72,921.

Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC)

Abandon your search for family-friendly communities for we present you with Jumeirah Village Circle with a rental price of minimum AED 50,000 and a maximum of just AED 70,000. 

JVC is specifically designed to provide family-friendly spaces and to live here makes the access of Dubai’s notable places much easier due to JVC’s close proximity to the Mall of Emirates, Motor City, and even Downtown Dubai. 

Moreover, it facilitates its denizens with services and other amenities that are prerequisites to having a comfortable living in Dubai. So, if you are looking for a villa for rent in Dubai, JVC might be the right option for you. 

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