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Pros and Cons of hosting a WordPress website on Amazon LightSail

Read this article to know the advantages & limitations of hosting a WordPress site on Amazon Light Sail.

Several WordPress hosting providers are there. However, WordPress is hosted on If you want to run your application on a highly reliable AWS network but don’t want to get stuck with complexities, LightSail can be for you. It provides a completely new way to rent servers with simple tiered pricing.

Amazon Lightsail- Described

Amazon Lightsail is termed as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that is the simplest way for small businesses, students, developers, and different users who require solutions to create and host applications on the cloud to start using AWS.

It was launched by Amazon Web Service (AWS) in 2016. The sole purpose of Light sail is to launch the websites in the cloud with competitive rates. The cost to host the website first started at $5/month, although it is now only $3.50/month.

Because of the price, most webmasters prefer it. They do not need to pay extra for managed hosting. But, the difference in price comes with a notable trade-off. It is easily accessible with respect to AWS, yet many find it difficult to maintain and set up.

Lightsail provides developers with network space, computing, storage, and the ability to maintain and deploy websites and web applications in the cloud.

It has all you require to quickly start your project—virtual machines, databases, containers,  CDNs, DNS management,  load balancers, and so on—with low monthly or predictable prices.

Advantages and Disadvantages to Host WordPress on AWS

Let’s begin on the positive side first. And, find out why you might need to choose Lightsail above other WordPress hosting service providers.

  • Beginner-Friendly

Lightsail is designed to support new users starting with AWS. The Lightsail Management Console offers easy access to every core AWS configuration option. It lets you configure the server, Domain Name System (DNS) settings, and static IP address without any expert assistance.

If you run a small business without a system administrator, you can simply use Lightsail to build, deploy, and manage a self-hosted WordPress site. With Lightsail, you can induce the host online in less time; also if your prior AWS experience is zero.

  • Set Monthly Limit

Lightsail allows you to pay for the resources you consume on an hourly basis, exceeding the highest pre-arranged monthly cost.

While writing this content, Lightsail subscription prices range from $3.50 to $240 per month. Even though the plans that cover a Windows Server license are significantly more as compared to the similar UNIX and Linux plans.

Additionally, the outbound data transmission that surpasses the planned data transmission limit will be charged an additional fee.

  • Amazon LightSail is flexible

What happens when the WordPress website exceeds the Lightscale subscription? When more resources are needed, the storage capacity and RAM can get upgraded. This can be done anytime by moving to the new Lightsail instance.

However, if you want to save money or resources, then, you can migrate to a smaller Lightsail instance. Even if it supports migration, Lightsail does not provide migration with one click.

In any case, if you are updating the Lightsail plan to a higher instance, then, you need to take a snapshot. Then only, make a higher instance from the snapshot.

The case is different when you are migrating to a smaller instance. Here, you have to create a backup of the data to other AWS services. After that, launch a smaller Lightsail instance. Later, migrate the data to the new instance manually.

Since light sail Comprises many benefits, however, it has some downsides that make it unfit in a few cases. Check them out below:

  • No Auto-Scaling

Even if the user can upgrade to a higher Lightscale instance anytime. But, it does not accelerate additional instances, nor will it stop resources when they are no longer needed.

If you are creating a personal website or your website is not business-oriented, then, lack of agility could not be a big problem. But, that does not mean that Lightscale is not suitable for business, or for websites with alternating workloads.

If you need an enterprise-level platform that can automatically scale to satisfy the needs of your website and can manage notable fluctuations in traffic, then you may need to find a different platform.

  • Pay More for Technical Support

In general, every Lightsail user can have access to the Basic Support package. It allows users to use the support forms, official AWS documentation, and white papers.

The Basic Support Package incorporates 24×7 customer service. Note that it is not technical support.  If you need technical support, then, you have to buy an additional support package.  Generally, it ranges from $29 per month to $15,000 per month.

Undeniably, the Lightsail is simple to maintain or set up. Theoretically, you might not need extra technical support, but, what if there is an issue. In that case, you need to either sort it by yourself or buy a dedicated support package.

If you are thinking of incorporating complex or advanced functionality,  or the WordPress website is business-oriented, then, either choose some other plan or buy an additional plan that gives the right technical support.

Who should use it?

Lightsail is an ideal option for web developers and webmasters who are familiar with a command-line interface (CLI) and are familiar with operating AWS services.

It gives skilled users a method to begin and manage WordPress sites in an economical way. Webmasters without experience in cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud may find it difficult to accurately set up and manage WordPress instances on Lightsail.

The other option than using a managed hosted platform or AWS is to use Cloudflare’s worker website. Web developers and webmasters can host a WordPress static version on Cloudflare without the maintenance and complexity required by Amazon Lightsail, and without the hosting cost.

The price is also similar to that of Lightsail. For others, managed hosting is an economical way for hosting WordPress. The reason is that paying high-priced for automated hosting is more affordable than paying someone to manage a cheap cloud computing instance. The renowned WordPress development Services even can help in launching the WordPress website on a virtual server efficiently.

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