Purifiers of Best Companies that will Make Every; Water Source Safe and Clean.

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Water Purifiers Companies

Water purifiers are the machine like things that will make your water purified and easily consumable. In modern times, the water that is coming to our houses is not so clean and pure for drinking. So, to make the water pure and clean people should have a water filter or water purifier at their home and offices for making the water properly drinkable. Some of the top-best water purifiers are mentioned below:

1. Kent Grand Plus RO+UF+UV with TDS Controller Purifier

  • Key features of KENT water purifier:

    1. It has a seven stage of purification process RO+UV+UF with a TDS controller.
    2. These water purifiers are best for purifying water of any kind of source.
    3. This water purifier has a feature of water saving technology. It recovers more than 50% of water during the purification process.
    4. This purifier company gives the people 1 year of warranty with 3 years of free service and maintenance.

 KENT water purifier

  • Advantages and disadvantages:

    1. It is a purifier with good storage capacity and with a TDS controller.
    2. It stores all the wasted water in a separate tank and recovers almost 50% of water after the purification process.
    3. It is having a filter change alert and with a UV fails alarm.
    4. The main problem of this water purifier is that it is very much costly to buy else this is the purifier with best qualities.

Water Purifiers Companies


If a person wants to have such a purifier they can take the help of water Purifiers Company such as aquaguard customer care number Mohali. These companies will help out people to have the best KENT purifier according to the budget and needs.

2. Livpure Glo RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

  • Key features of Livpure water purifier:

    1. It is a water purifier with RO+UV+Mineralizer. This is the best water purifier with a good purification method.
    2. This water purifier has a storage capacity of 7 liters. In simple words, this water purifier can purify 7 liters of water at a time.
    3. This Livpure water purifier is very much affordable in price.
    4. This type of water purifier has a clean and elegant design.
  • Advantages and disadvantages:

    1. This water purifier has a six stage of purification process which gives out pure, healthy and clean water for consumption.
    2. It is very much sleek and compact in design.
    3. This water purifier is very much cost effective and can be easily bought out by the people.
    4. It has a quality of retaining essential minerals after the purification process.
    5. The major drawback of having this purifier is it does not alert during the filter change.

Therefore, these are the top two water purifiers that have 100% good purification system. People should have this purifier at their home. If anyone wants to know more about the price of this purifier or anything he or she can feel free to contact aqua guard customer care Mohali. These customer care people will help people properly having the best purifier for domestic or commercial purposes.


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