Qlenum advertising: how and why you should use it

For a long time, we have seen Quora be at the top with other question and answer platforms Popping up everyday trying to take its slot.

Qlenum is a question and answer site that has recently seen growth among the youth and the whole internet sensation. The site has been able to accommodate new questions asked everyday with a new interface that will leave you glued to it. 

For a long time, we have seen Quora be at the top with other question and answer platforms Popping up everyday trying to take its slot. Since recently we've seen geads turn to Qlenum, making things look promising for its runs. 

It growing market and population, we've seen the positive reviews it has picked up. From thr site appearance to the vouchers and advertising advantages it has to its users. 

Qlenum boasts of introducing internet tribes to its users, with everyone finding a spot thry fit in. It has different categories, ranging from travel groups to business and so much more. 

The platform's features brings small business and larger businesses too, to market their products and services to the user on the platform.

There are 3 ways in which a business can advertise their content and they are; 

1. Sign up for one Qlenums Win Customers Packages”

Introducing Qlenum’s “Win Customers Packages” to the market which is Qlenums strong hold when it comes to advertising. The "Win Customers Package" feature is inclusive of 6 packages which businesses can use and are good for targeting Potential Customers Searching for different Products and services


Questions created are based on Google search Keywords

Questions are based specifically on Keywords with the most inquiry in your industry

Questions are based on the searches on your local area    

The packages include: 

Your ad will be live for one year underneath questions asked on Qlenum based on Google search, asked by Potential Customers on Google searching for your product in your local area. 

5 Questions with Adverts placed under the Questions for £69

10 Questions with Adverts placed under the Questions for £89

20 Questions with Adverts placed under the Questions for £170

40 Questions with Adverts placed under the Questions for £315

80 Questions with Adverts placed under the Questions for £580

100 Questions that goes for £699

More on Qlenum “Win Customer Packages”:

The Qlenum “Win Customers Packages” are different from other advertising models (like banner ads with a CPM or cost per thousand impressions) because youre not paying for eyeballs. Instead, youre paying for results that people are actually searching for what you are selling. 

smaller players in the industry can find visibility in days at the top (as opposed to months or years with SEO).

Qlenum Ads is a product use to promote your business to great lengths at a pocket friendly price. 

Qlenum Ads are a perfect tool to help sell products or services

Qlenum Ads can help you increase organic traffic to your website.

Once you pick a bundle, you are guaranteed a that your ads are placed underneath results that millions of people searching on Google every day. Your ads plus + question asked = win 

It's pocket friendly and super effective for small business. Its name "win Customers packages” should be assuring as it is dedicated to bring you more Customers to your small business. You can visit https://www.qlenum.com/advertising-strategies-targeted-to-win-Customers/ and redeem their latest vouchers and get 30% off by redeeming the VOUCHER CODE “e774”

2. Pinning your questions at the top of the platform:

 This has been proven effective since by doing this, your questions cannot go unnoticed even with an unkeen eye. It will be visible to the Qlenum community come and visit your profile and see what you are all about. You can read more on how to post interesting questions that will bring more traffic at www.qlenum.com/blog.

Its the perfect tool to direct Potential Customers to your website and your profile. Its also an advantage when you have a huge following on Qlenum, pinning will be the goto option for you to gain peoples attention, with a captivating inquiry. read more on how to gain a following and staying relevant on the platform at www.qlenum.com/blog 

3. General advertising: 

you can contact Qlenum live support and they can create a package that fits your budget. what way to show appreciation to Qlenum users. 

All things considered, the general purpose of advertising through Qlenum is to impact individuals and gain openness for your organization. 

Visit Qlenum today and pick one of its great packages at https://www.qlenum.com/advertising-strategies-targeted-to-win-Customers/

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