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Is Sweet Food Effective To Reduce Cramps Before The Period?

Discomfort during the premenstrual period is called premenstrual syndrome. This syndrome also varies from person to person. Some people are very headache, dizziness but there are people who have nausea or even chest pain, go out and cramps before period before the period. The cause of this condition is due to hormonal changes during menstruation.

Although this phenomenon is normal and will disappear on its own, it makes many sisters feel very tired and uncomfortable. Therefore, many sisters do not hesitate to apply any measures to feel more comfortable. Eating more sweets before menstruation is also a way many women choose.

Why Not Use Sweets Too Much When You Have Menstruation?

However, there is no scientific basis to prove that eating sweets can help treat premenstrual symptoms. Even eating more sweets affects levels of testosterone and estrogen, the two main sex hormones in the body. Researchers have found that eating too much of the sweetener in both fructose and glucose affects health a lot.

When consumed with sweets, genes that control the level of testosterone and estrogen that work inside the body will stop working. This also contributes to hormonal disturbances in the woman’s body and has symptoms of psychological disorders. This is cause for cramps before the period and menstrual abdominal pain.

Also, eating too sweet is a cause of obesity, insulin resistance. Insulin is a hormone that supports the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream to supply the energy needed for the cells. Insulin resistance is a precursor to diabetes and is one of the causes of hormone disorders.

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Therefore, instead of eating sweets to remove unpleasant symptoms before menstruation. I recommend eating healthy, avoid eating too sweet, too salty, avoid consumption of stimulants and work hard regularly. If the discomfort is high, consult your doctor to see if you can take medication.

The information we provide above is hopefully useful to you. If you have a lot of worries about eating sweets, minimize the cramps before the cramps before period before period and premenstrual symptoms. Please watch over us at Here we have a lot of useful information about protecting and caring for your health.


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