Retrace your steps back to the staircase

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Take the left-hand side, but beware of the enemies eager to snare you in front of the stairs ahead of Elden Ring Runes you. Kill the enemy and ascend the stairs only to discover another attacker seated at the top and a Silver-Pickled Fowl foot residing behind a few boxes. Enter the room to an outside platform where you'll find a huge staircase. But don't climb it right now instead walk along the edge of the wall to discover Mushroom 3. It's just around the corner.

Retrace your steps back to the staircase and ascend to discover an enormous door that leads to the castle's interior, guarded by a knight in a halberd. Make an effort to sneak up on the knight and attempt a backstab to win the battle. Beware of his powerful sweeping attacks and keep in mind that he may leap long distances and kill you while you attempt to recover. If you defeat him, then it is possible to go to the elevator area and climb the stairs to the top. The elevator isn't active yet, however, you can jump over the elevator shaft to access the Drawstring Fire Grease x2 on another side. You can jump back across the gap and enter the armory ahead where you can rest at a New Site of Grace.

Rampart Tower.From this we can finally gain access to the true heart of Stormveil, but before that we have some hidden items to collect. Begin by climbing the second staircase outside the Site of Grace room. The room will be filled with an enemy who is shielded and spear and another soldier shooting you with an arrow from a platform in the room. You are able to sneak into the nearby hallway to get away from the crossbow attacker and then utilize guard counters to break down the shield enemy. Return to the elevator and hop onto the pulley system, traverse to the opposite side, kill the soldier, and then loot the Throwing Dagger five.

Go back into the hallway, and walk the way to a door that exits onto an outdoor platform. Make sure to buy Elden Ring Items walk slowly around the pedestal to the left from the door so as to avoid disturbing the guards who are on patrol. Step up the stairs on opposite sides of the platform. Stealth kill him. After that, to kill the rest of the guards one by one.

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