Go to the corner just near the entrance to the courtyard

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Go to the corner just near the entrance to the courtyard. There you'll find a cellar that leads to Elden Ring Runes an area with rats as well as one of which is a Fireproof Dried Liver, and another Stonesword Key door. The other key that we found earlier to open it up and then take loot from the chests to gain Godslayer's Seal and Godskin Prayerbook.

In the area where the giant opponent was sitting is a small area that has a particular painting. Follow the stairs to the left of the giant enemy, where you'll find the Smithing Stone [1] and finally (finally!) The next Spot of Grace in a room on the top of the stairs.

Liftside Chamber.From here we are in close proximity to the main room, and , in actual fact, we can even take back way to reach it. Take the lever in front of the elevator to bring it down. Take it back up to access the high rampart which is the courtyard. Step through the door at the end of the pathway and you'll find yourself in a long room filled with magic jar adversaries and a large Jar warrior who is hidden behind the wall.

Make sure you draw the large jar and deal with him first. You can expect that his attacks are powerful yet slow. just keep away from him to make a bait for an attack before rushing in for some or two hits when you feel he is vulnerable. One attack that you must to be aware of Elden Ring Runes for sale is his spin which he winds up by turning his body to the side.

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