RO Water Purifiers

How To Compare RO Water Purifiers Before Buying

To live a healthy life drinking safe and pure water is one of the main basic necessities. With the increasing cases of waterborne diseases along with death rate, you just cannot take chances to consume unfiltered water that has a higher TDS rate. Due to poor management of solid and liquid waste from different industries, the amount of chemical and water-soluble metals has made the scenario worse than ever. For that reason, RO Water Purifier has become a common appliance in almost every household.

Recently, a report published by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), it has been seen that 80% of the tap water of the metro cities are below the level of safe drinking parameter. The filtration process of the municipalities is not efficient enough to remove the pathogens, bacteria, and pollutants from the water. It has been seen that only the reverse osmosis or RO filtration technique has proven the most effective to produce safe drinking water with required TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) rating. From mud to heavy metals, it can remove the impurities to make the water drinkable.

If you are thinking to buy RO Water Purifier for home, then you need to compare the price list of all the available products of the market. If you have a budget on the mind, then check the features that you will get within the price.

How to Compare RO Water Purifier Price?

While purchasing anything, you must follow a budget. However, this should not be the only criteria that will help you to select your purifier. When you are ready to invest your hard-earned money for one product, you must consider the features you will get for the price. As your health comes first you should not compromise with the features that will ensure the safety of the water. If possible add a few amounts in your budget in case you will get a better product with little more investment. It will serve you longer and better.

How to Compare and Select a Water Purifier?

There are mainly three types of filtration processes available in the market; RO, UV, and UF. All these types have their individual ways of filtration and to get the best result, it is better to go for the water purifier that has RO+UV+UF filtration altogether.

Check out the Tips that will help you to Select the Best RO Purifier for your Home:

You need to do research to know the essential features of the RO water purifier that are required to clean the water effectively. You can also check the appliances of the leading companies and their effectiveness.

Now make a list of the features you want to have in your purifier. Based on the list you can easily narrow your search by eliminating the models that will not serve your purpose. You can also check the TDS of the tap water to know the features you need to clean the water.    

After selecting the purifier, you have to compare it with similar products online to know the price. You can also check the reviews to know the performance.

There are other aspects like energy efficiency, after-sales service and the brand value that you need to consider.

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