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Security Tips to Know Before You Make a Credit Card Payment

A credit card is a convenient method of paying for your purchases without spending anything out of your pocket at that very instance.

The credit card offers you short-term credit at no extra cost, along with additional flexibility and security on your transactions. You can also earn lucrative cash-backs and reward points by spending through your credit card.

However, it’s important to ensure that you use a credit card wisely and keep in mind a few security tips to avoid any misuse or fraudulent activities through your credit card.

So, here are some things that you should consider before making any payment with your credit card:

Always keep your card with you

While this safety tip is a no-brainer, several people often tend to disregard this thumb rule of a credit card. You must always keep the card safe with you and never had it to anyone else.

Credit Card Payment

Enter the credit card data yourself

You may be required to enter the basic credit card details to make the payment such as card number, name, or expiry date, etc. Always enter every piece of data yourself, without allowing anyone to access this data on your behalf.

Verify every single transaction

After making any sort of payment, it’s imperative to verify that the transaction has taken place. Make sure to take the printed receipt or screenshot of the verification message after the transaction is completed to avoid any dispute in future.

Don’t make transactions on an open network

You should never conduct any financial transactions on open networks like a public Wi-Fi or office LAN, etc. This is because unencrypted data transferred on open networks can be visible to any computer in the network. It means your credit card details could be accessed by a potential hacker which can be dangerous.

Credit Card Payment

Use only trustworthy payment platforms

Another way to ensure a safe payment experience is to conduct the transaction on a trustworthy payment platform. Despite regulations, not all online payment solutions provide adequate safety features. Hence, it’s important to go with trusted and reputed options. Look for the ‘s’ after ‘http’ which denotes a secured website.

Check your browser settings before making any payment

Turn off your browser’s auto-complete settings to avoid it storing your credit card number and other personal information while making an online payment. Click on Autofill settings, and delete any credit card information that is automatically stored and toggle off the option.

Credit Card

However, despite ensuring proper security measures, there’s always a chance of data breach due to human error. Be aware of proper security techniques and strategies to keep your card details safe and secure. The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard comes loaded with robust security features like ‘in-hand security’ and ‘zero fraud liability cover’ to mitigate threats of cyber-crime.

Moreover, you can avail special discounts and extra benefits with pre-approved offers on credit cards and various other financial services from Bajaj Finserv. All you need to do is share your basic details to know your exclusive offer.

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