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Seek Customers’ Attention Towards Your Products By Custom Window Boxes

custom window boxes to bring innovation and appeal the customers.

Most of the times, people want to hold the thing in their hands while buying it. They do so in order to check the quality and different aspects of the product. Besides, it will be convenient for the buyers if they would be able to see the product they intend to buy while buying. For this purposecustom window boxes are the best option. It not only helps customers while buying the product but also helps the seller as he does not need to unpack everything to satisfy the customer.

Moreover, these boxes can be designed in any shape, style and size. Window boxes are in use for many eatables like strawberries, radish, lettuce, spinach, green onion, herbs (parsley, sage, oregano, thyme, chives, and basil), etc. It not only helps in showcasing the important component of the product but also contains a plastic sheet that helps in securing the product from any kind of harm. You can use custom window boxes for many other purposes. Such as gifts, jewelry, electronic gadgets, cosmetic and so on. Window on the boxes gives a complete and elegant look to the product. Similarly, it prevents buyers from any kind of failure while buying anything.

Types of windows:

Window boxes are of two types:

  • Die-cut window
  • PVC window

Die-cut windows are utilized for gift and cosmetic boxes to give the fancier look. The product which is not immune to any harm can be packed in a die-cut window. Other products need protection that can prevent them from any harm. For this purpose, we can use PVC windows as it has a plastic or polyvinyl chloride sheet coverage.

Customized window boxes flowers style:

Bakery Window Box

As a matter of fact, window boxes play their role in giving the alluring look to the product. Custom window boxes come with different sizes and styles. We offer window boxes flowers style option to give a more beautiful look to the packaging. Customers can suggest any shape of either window or box as per their wish. Furthermore, they have numerous customizing options. People can get their boxes ready according to their terms. In addition, they can print any logo or text with product information to give the box a complete look. Interesting fonts and modern color scheme give captivating look to the boxes.

Worthwhile use of window boxes:

Bakery Window Box

Window boxes have versatility when it comes to its usage. As well as, boxes can be used for showcase purposes. We can mostly pack bakery items in these boxes. Moreover, they are ideal for gift boxes, jewelry boxes, electronic gadget boxes, cosmetic boxes and so on. Window boxes are the best option when it comes to gift packaging. Gift boxes are useful for many occasions like wedding, Christmas, birthdays, etc. It not only gives a charming look to your product but also gives the opportunity to see it over and over again without unpacking it. These boxes are convenient for jewelry as well. In such a case. It not only shows the key parts of the product inside but also give protection to the product from environmental harm.

Window boxes DIY:

Window boxes come both in die-cut as well as in gluing style. Die-cut boxes are easy to assemble and customers would not need any special training or will not find any difficulty in assembling them. Mostly, die-cut boxes are found in bakeries and pastry shops. They quickly pick up the box assemble it within sec and it’s ready to use.

The material used for custom window boxes:

Bakery Window Box

Window can be designed for almost all types of boxes it can be:

  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated
  • Kraft
  • Cardboard
  • Rigid etc.

The boxes can be designed with die-cut window to enhance their look. Similarly, it helps the customer in making the right choice for the product. Custom window boxes are sturdy and hard enough to secure the product inside. In this way, it can be used for transport as well without getting effected by environmental harm because of the plastic sheet securing the product.

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Additional options:

To make these boxes more appealing look different supplementary options are available. Different types of coating are available to give a charming finish to the packaging. Following are the coatings which customers can use:

  • Matte coating
  • Gloss coating
  • Spot UV

Gloss coating gives a shiny look to the boxes whereas matte coating givers dense look to the packaging. In addition, spot UV gives both matte and shiny look as it has a matte base along with a shine in a specific part. Apart from that, foiling in different colors helps in enhancing the look of the packaging. Embossing and de-bossing also add creativity to the boxes.

Different printing options:

Customers can print anything on these boxes. They can print their brand’s name or logo as they wish. Moreover, to attract the attention of the buyers, they can imprint information about the product. In this way, people can be able to get information about the product they are buying right away.

Wholesale window boxes:

Some people like retailers and manufacturers need window boxes in a large amount. For them, window boxes wholesale is the best option which is also good with regard to prices. They can place a large order at affordable prices.

Along with many other companies the cosmetic box plays its role as well with high quality and budget-friendly prices.

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