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Top SEO Tips 2020 to Steer-clear of these SEO Blunders

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Given the role SEO plays in enhancing a website’s visibility and brand image, it should also be noted that the execution of poor SEO can cause havoc to its existence. 

As a means to ensure that, website developers do not jeopardise their reputation and prominence of their company’s website, they should avoid some SEO-related mistakes at all cost. Also, they should equip themselves with timeless SEO tips in 2020 to help rectify the errors conveniently. 

SEO tips 2020 – The dos and don’ts

The following would offer a fair idea of the mistakes in SEO in 2020 individuals ought to avoid generating and sustaining organic traffic – 

  1. Using obsolete SEO techniques
  2. Neglecting structured data and search features
  3. Neglecting optimization for conversion 
  4. Emphasising only on written content
  5. Unoptimized mobile version

1. Using obsolete SEO techniques

Google’s algorithms are becoming more proficient and stringent with every new launch. Consequently, when website developers use old SEO techniques that inefficient to deal with the norms of the advanced algorithms, the performance of a website is bound to deteriorate. 

2. Neglecting structured data and search features

The fact that structured data helps to stand out in SERP makes it all the more important to build proficient SEO strategies. However, to develop quality structured data, they need to be familiar with the different types of the same. 

It being said, if a website developer has been neglecting structured data altogether, they must give up the practice immediately. They may also seek the help of any popular content marketing agency to create tailor-made structured data for enhanced visibility on SERP. 

3. Neglecting optimisation for conversion 

One of the fundamental SEO tips states that website developers must do everything in their power to increase the conversion rate of a website.Based on the same fundamentals, the SEO tip 2020 directs developers to adapt the practice of conversion optimisation. 

By ignoring the same altogether, websites would not only lose a chunk of their loyal customers but would also slow down conversion rates of newer leads. 

4. Emphasising only on written content

Previously, web developers were advised to prioritise only the content made available on the site. However, with the launch of more advanced algorithms, the SEO tips 2020 has undergone a significant change. 

For example, website developers are now required to use content that enhances user experience and has recall value. To ensure the more focus is being laid on the quality of content and use of suitable infographics like self-explanatory charts, embedded videos, audios and gif files. 

5. Unoptimised mobile version

In 2018, smartphones were acknowledged for generating over 52.2% of website traffic across the world. Also, they have been regarded as a potent tool for increasing a brand’s reach and enhancing its identity. 

Therefore, it can be safely said that companies who still do not have an AMP-compatible version of their website must rectify their mistake at once. Because, as per content marketing trends 2020 predictions, optimised mobile version for a website would further enhance the rate of conversion. 

Lastly, it can be said that the essential SEO tips 2020 is to avoid these mistakes at all cost to ensure enhanced visibility and a higher rate of conversion.  Also, by incorporating suitable remedies for such errors, they would enhance the overall value of their respective website. 

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