Showing Your Partner You Still Care

Over time the excitement and exhilaration of a relationship will begin to wain. This is entirely natural as you grow more comfortable together, but if you do not find ways to maintain the excitement as well as this comfort then this could be the end of your relationship. Being comfortable is a good thing, but romantic gestures are necessary to keep the fire burning in any relationship. This article considers ways you can encourage the fire to burn bright.


Making spontaneous gestures of romance to your partner is very important. If you simply wait for an anniversary then it seems as though you are just going through the motions, but even a small gesture at a random time will go down remarkably well. Bringing flowers home from work is enough to show that you care and think about your partner. A more romantic gesture, however, is to order a flower delivery to her work. This public gesture of love will set the fire burning yet again.

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At the start of any relationship people tend to be so infatuated that they are constantly complimenting their partner on how beautiful they look. As a relationship moves on, however, people, and men in particular, tend to stop noticing the new look or the new haircut. Simply complimenting your partner, telling them they are beautiful and making an effort to notice them can make a big difference. Failure to do so will leave your partner thinking that you no longer care. Noticing and complimenting shows that you care and this can help to keep the romance alight.

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In a relationship it becomes easy to fall into a routine wherein you do the same things every week and spend an increasing amount of time on the sofa. Doing something new is a very important step in keeping things exciting. Repetition of the same things will make your relationship seem unexciting, so finding something new is essential. This could be anything from going on a bike ride to arranging a picnic and day away in the countryside.

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A very romantic gesture is actually very easy to achieve and can go a long way towards improving the intensity of your relationship. Simply lighting candles at home and awaiting your partner with dinner and sensual background music will be enough to brighten the relationship significantly. It is gestures like this, which require planning, that really show your partner that you care about them.

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Passion is one of the things that disappears from a relationship along with romance, so it is important to keep this alive too. It is not a solution to showing your partner that you care, but it will help to keep the fire of your romance burning when used along with other romantic gestures. Trying new things in the bedroom can be very exciting and enjoyable for both of you, but making sure that it is comfortable experimentation is vital.

Discussing it beforehand with the aid of the Kamasutra or another sex guide will ensure that you are both comfortable and this process can be very exciting too.


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