Smart Greenhouse Market Forecast, share, size, and Growth 2022-2027

The global market for smart greenhouses is predicted to see astounding growth during the 2023-2027 timeframe. This is due to the rising demand for food due to the

The global market for smart greenhouses is predicted to see astounding growth during the 2023-2027 timeframe.This is due to the rising demand for food due to the growing population of the world.The world's population is projected to increase by around 35%, reaching 9.74 billion by 2050.The need to provide for the growing food demands of the people is expected to boost the development of the global smart greenhouse markets. Here, we will discuss the Smart Greenhouse Market Forecast, share, size, and Growth for 2022-2027.

Furthermore, the growing adoption in the use of farming 4.0 solutions and the growing usage of artificial intelligence, IoT, and other agricultural technologies around the globe are predicted to drive the growth of the market in the near future.

In addition, in a greenhouse, fruits and vegetables, among others and other plants are grown in controlled conditions. This means that the fruits and vegetables can be harvested all year round, regardless of weather conditions or seasons.This is likely to increase the demand for the product.

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Rising Adoption of Rooftop Farming for Smart Greenhouse Market

The popularity of farming techniques on rooftops has grown significantly because of the rising demand for organic, high-quality food products.Rooftop farming involves cultivating fruit, vegetables, and flowers on the roof of a structure.The roofs of high-rises are typically used to develop rooftop farms in which green roofs, hydroponics systems, and aeroponics are used for the cultivation of various fruits, vegetables, crops, etc.The diminishing amount of arable land available to cultivate crops has led to the widespread use of farming methods on rooftops, especially in urban regions.The increasing use of rooftop farms is anticipated to bring lucrative opportunities to the expansion of the smart greenhouse markets around the world.

Benefits of Smart Greenhouses Market

There are many advantages associated with smart greenhouses, such as the growing of vegetables and fruits and crops such as etc.throughout the year, regardless of seasonal fluctuations.Furthermore, there are other advantages that a smart greenhouse can provide over conventional greenhouses, in a smart greenhouse, information about the plants and their growth patterns are continuously recorded for all hours of the day. 

The information is sent to analytical platforms where it is analyzed and when there are problems or anomalies in the pattern of growth the issues are detected. The information also provides farmers or cultivators with different perspectives on their yields. With this information, cultivators can improve their yield overall. In addition, the cost of labor is also reduced to a greater extent in the proper greenhouse design as opposed to conventional greenhouses.

Market Segmentation for Smart Greenhouse Market

The market for smart greenhouses in the world can be classified by type and technology, as well as through components of the crops by the end-user and region.Based on the type the market is divided into non-hydroponic and hydroponic.

Based on the technology used the market is divided into LED, HVAC grows lights, irrigation systems, valves, material handling, control system, sensors, and camera. 

Based on the component the market is divided into hardware, software services, and hardware. Based on the crops that are grown, the market can be classified into vegetables and floriculture, tree seedlings, and others. 

Based on the end-user market, it can be divided into commercial gardens, universities and research institutes, and others. The regional market is North America dominated the market between Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and South America. As a region, it is the United States region is dominating all over the world in smart greenhouses. 

This could be due to the growing use of indoor farming practices within the region. In 2016 there were 41,351 indoor farms in the United States.

Market Players for Smart Greenhouse Market

LumiGrow, Inc., Rough Brothers, Inc., Nexus Corporation, Netafim Limited, Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, GreenTech Agro LLC, Hort Americas, LLC, Heliospectra A/B, Cultivar Ltd. are among the top players in the world greenhouse market that is smart.

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