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Social Eras: 5 Tips to Dress Like a Beauty for Women Over 50

We had a word with Socialeras fashion experts and they gave some really awesome tips to dress like a darling if you’re over 50.

Age is just a number, right? A lot of older women think otherwise. Getting old ain’t pretty they say. I am here to change that thought process!

Salma Hayek, Madonna, Monica Bellucci and so many other women who are way past their 50s are still flaunting it… so why not you?

Self-doubt and fear always remain part of you. Whether you’re a 14-year-old girl getting ready for her prom or 30-year-old getting ready for a cocktail dinner. Self-doubt and fear is something we should not give in to and especially when it comes to loving yourself and expressing yourself.

We had a word with Socialeras fashion experts and they gave some really awesome tips to dress like a darling if you’re over 50. Let the age be just number and let’s get right into it.

Striped sweaters and ankle length trousers

Palazzo with top dress

It’s time you came out of that “I am old” bubble. Get rid of those weird oversized sweaters and throw on some stripes. Match it with ankle length trousers. Don’t worry, they’re not too loose or tight. Such trousers are very comfortable with a little bit of sass.

Try Bohemian dressing

Try to go full on boho for once. Add lots and lots of colors whether you’re wearing palazzos, bandanas or tanks. If too many colors are not your thing then just go for a classy red overcoat and top it with accessories. Check out Socialeras clothing for a great collection of boho dresses and much more.

Little black dress

Little black dress

We all have a little black dress. But if you have thrown yours away because you’re “old” now, then you should give it another try. Throw some wedges and a necklace and shades. Trust me, you’ll rock it like never before!

Add more layers with Scarves and Cardigans

Add more layers of scarves and cardigans to add the mismatched feel. Wear asymmetrical cut tops with cardigans and jackets. It adds that sophisticated and classy feel to your ever aging grace.

Summer dresses

Summer dresses

Summer is the perfect time to wear dresses that are bright and floral in color. Wear dresses that flow and are longer than knees. Drape around such dresses. Pick cotton pants that enhance your silhouette.

These are a few of the tips that you can use to dress and dazzle your 50s. Check out Socialeras if you’re looking something from this list or want to check out the collection that will make your 50s more memorable than ever.

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