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SOG Specialty Knives, Inc, the official corporation commonly called as “SOG” which is a established firm.

The term “SOG” can be also referred to as SOG Specialty Knives. They have been designing high-quality tactical knife for knife experts, enthusiast and serious collectors. They have the many favorite go-to-choice and did the reproduction of famous military SOG knife.


Spencer Frazer is the chief designer and founder of SOG Brand. The company itself was established in the year 1986, by Frazer and his wife Gloria to reproduce the unique military design and some other types of knives. The good news is that all of their knives are available for general public to buy.

Aside from military knives, they also now focus more on designing other popular types such as tactical, compact and every-day-carry knives. This is a little bit information that you should be aware of sog knives analysis.

The owner was inspired by US special ops unit – known as MACV-SOG knife. This model pushed him to create different types of reproduction knives. His products can be useful in almost any type of tactical situation such as epic hunting battle, tackling in a self-defense or having a compact. SOG Company was started about 25 years ago by Spencer Frazer.


Fortunately, the company design a wide range of sog specialty knives according to the current trend. It’s well respected for high quality, innovative and unique design that attract even professional-grade knife experts. SOG knives review offers everything from ordinary folding models to military-styled knives. Keep reading till the end to discover more information about sog knives review.

SOG knives soon started to receive great customer feedback’s and reviews from people across the world. It’s unique lines of knives made other competitors go nuts at them. They have been partially concentrating on several reproductions of vintage styles as-well to preserve the old-authentic knife varieties.

SOG promise to design the most efficient, affordable and easy-to-use models for the people. You can see that state-of-the-art facilities have been integrated in some of the sog knives review products.


Everyone misunderstand that SOG Knives only produce best field dressing knives, military reproductions and tactical knives. However, in reality it’s not completely agreeable due to several reasons. The company also focus on manufacturing “Every Day Carry” knife for day-to-day usage. These are designed especially to tackle ordinary tasks. In addition to this, you can also enjoy the top-notch customer service from them. The responsive time is very quick so that you don’t have to worry about your purchase.

Our Verdict

Today, SOG knives have grown as one of the leading pocket knife manufacturers in the market today. It has won many industry awards that are truly authentic and awarded to only the best. It’s one of the very first companies to high-tech modern facilities. The efforts put by the Spencer Frazer in the past have helped this company to reach greater heights.

Nowadays, SOG is sold and distributed across the world. It’s used by military, outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, knife enthusiasts, Law enforcement specialists and so on.

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