Hardwood Floor

Reasons why Soundproofing Hardwood Floor is an Investment, Rather Than an Expense!

Following are some of the reasons why it makes sense to soundproof your floor with Acoustic floor underlay!

Indeed hardwood flooring ups the style quotient and many people are opting for a renovation and accentuate their existing interiors. Hardwood flooring offers utility with style, as they are rather easy to clean compared to normal concrete or tile flooring. And with routine maintenance, such flooring option can last for decades. But there is one annoying feature of the wood that can cause annoyance to you and your neighbors living below your apartment. Apparently, hardwood floors are susceptible to make noise each time you walk, run or dance on it. Hence many people install Acoustic Floor Underlay beneath wooden flooring to eliminate annoyance as much as it could.

Hardwood Floor

If you are interested, there are many variations in Acoustic Floor Underlay that is availed in various materials. It is advisable to install such underlay protection before you get hardwood floor layer in your apartment. Even if you have pre-installed wooden flooring and experiencing the same problem then it is the right time to call for some professional help. Following are some of the reasons why people from include added expense of floor underlay in their budget.

Noise elimination: 

Whether you are hardcore party animal or just someone who roam around the house with a coffee mug, you notice the sound of your footstep. It would be good if you have someone living with you, or else it would be spooky sometime. With Acoustic Floor Underlay you can pretty much minimize such noises and vibration of your footstep. Such under-layer is suggestible for people living in apartments, rooms with high ceilings and also if you have children or pets at home. Although you still wouldn’t be able to sneak in like a ninja, at least no one would wake up with your tramp-parade in the night!

Hardwood Floor

Comfort quotient:

There are some benefits for adding a spongy material layer underneath wood flooring as it gives softer surface feel with less impact when walking on the floor. Even you can notice when you walk on such floor as even thumping would less loud. Compared to other flooring options without such layering, which sounds loud, no matter how thick wood you have used.

Thermal insulation: 

This is the bonus feature that you get after installing Acoustic Floor Underlay! Most of such underlays availed carious material like sponge rubber, foam, felt, or crumb rubber and cost of each would vary. Such materials also offer the benefit of thermal insulation keeping the cold out from the hard surface of the ground while reducing the heat loss through floorboards.

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Dust and allergy protection:

If you have irritation or health complication regarding dust, pollen or other allergy agents, then Acoustic underlay wood floor is a legit option for you. Even if you do regular cleaning of hardwood flooring, still it cleans the only surface. You can prevent dust accumulation are easily by such flooring underlay since it acts as a barrier between concrete and wooden layer. It minimizes the flow of air in a room minimizing the accumulation of dust and dirt particles carried by air.

Longevity of hardwood flooring:

Rather than citing it as an extra expense, Acoustic Floor Underlay can be worth investment! Because of its vibration observing quality, it can take a hard thumping and jumps on the floor. There are chances that your hardwood flooring gets some cracks after some time, in absence of floor underlay.

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