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Spotlight on Kitchen Supplies: Getting Your Lighting Right

So, here we’ll shine a spotlight on kitchen supplies and provide help to get your lighting right.

When you’re considering kitchen accessories, it is easy to forget how vital lighting is. During a kitchen upgrade, you’re likely to spend time thinking about flooring, colours, and even appliances rather than lighting. However, good lighting can turn a nice room into a stylish and welcoming environment.

Think Size Appropriate

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While you may fall in love with a delicate little pendant, if you have a large kitchen, it is likely to look a little lost. The same principle applies if you have a smaller kitchen that can be swamped by a massive light fitting. So, you need to think about lighting choices that are size appropriate. So, if your space is at a premium, consider downlights, spotlights or other lighting choices that will make a big impact for minimal space. However, if you have a spacious kitchen, think about how you can make a statement with a striking pendant over your dining area to draw the eye to a stunning focal point.

Don’t Skimp

Spotlight kitchen

The kitchen is often the most used room of the home, and it works hard. From preparing meals, dining and even socialising, your kitchen is in almost constant use, so you need to ensure that you don’t skimp on your lighting. Think about the light you need for food prep, relaxing dinners and inviting guests into the room. Consider downlights or under cabinet lighting to illuminate prep areas, well lit cooking spaces and relaxing lighting for your dining areas. Remember that while harsh light may not be appropriate for all areas of your kitchen, you don’t want any dark and dingy spots.

Have a Long Term Strategy

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While budget is important during a renovation, you need to have a long term strategy for your using your kitchen. Just like choosing new appliances, some lighting options may cost more initially but offer greater efficiency. For example, LED lighting is often more costly compared to standard lights, but they will last far longer. The typical halogen light will last 3,000 hours, but LED lights have a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours. This means that you will not have the hassle and cost of replacing bulbs anywhere near as often. Additionally, efficient LED lighting may also reduce your energy bills.

Get the Right Colours

Finally, you need to think about your color scheme and how you can match your lighting. There is often a choice of cool or warm tones, which can affect the overall feel of your room. Most areas of the kitchen benefit from warmer light, as it feels more welcoming, but you need to think about how your cabinetry will look in different lighting. If you’ve fallen in love with a cabinet in a bright, cool showroom, it may look very different under warm lighting conditions.

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