Creating a New Outdoor Kitchen

Eating and entertaining in the backyard is fun, but constantly carrying heavy utensils from the kitchen can get a little tedious. Instead of spending your time commuting between the patio and the indoor kitchen you should consider building an outdoor kitchen.

Here is some information about outdoor kitchens, and some reasons why you should install one in your backyard:


An outdoor kitchen is a complete cooking area that includes a grill, a sink, cabinets and counter space. It is easy to build and install and it can enhance your backyard and provide a fun environment for friends and family.

The usual design for an outdoor kitchen is an island made of brick, stones or concrete. This is similar to the island cabinets you see in a lot of modern kitchens.


A really good way to build an outdoor kitchen is to create a wooden cabinet frame. Then attach a lathe to it, once you’ve attached the lathe cover it with mortar. Then attach bricks or stones through a technique called back buttering – that means you cover the back of the stones with mortar then attach them to the island.


Once you’ve built the island you can install the fixtures. Outdoor kitchen fixtures are available from builder’s yards and some appliance shops. Decide which fixtures you want before you build the island and measure them to fit.

Some of the most popular fixtures include sinks, gas grills, refrigerators, cabinets and wine bars. You may need to hire a plumber and perhaps an electrician to install these. If you want a gas powered grill you might have to contact the gas company for a safe installation. And don’t forget to extend the coverage of your home insurance to cover your new outdoor kitchen.


Building an outdoor kitchen takes a lot of time and effort, but it will be worth it. In addition to the cooking island you will need to add furniture and a covering such as a veranda to protect the kitchen from the rain.

If you want to build a patio you should definitely consider adding an outdoor kitchen. It can increase the value and attractiveness of your house and the usefulness of your yard.


The patio should be designed around the kitchen; the kitchen should never be designed around the patio. The reason for this is that a poorly-designed kitchen will be hard to work in. You should carefully think about the kitchen you want and take a look at some basic designs.


Seriously consider building the kitchen island out of stone or brick because it will last longer. A concrete floor is another good choice because it will not be vulnerable to termites and water damage.

Even if you are not very handy, with this guide in hand all you need is a little creativity and some elbow grease and you can create an attractive outdoor kitchen.

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