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5 Ways to Stay Fit During Pregnancy, #3 is a MUST

I am not a woman, but this doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about Staying Healthy During Pregnancy. Last year I and my wife had our first born. This was a great, but a little stress-filled experience for the both of us. Moreover, as we were separated from our elder relatives i.e. mother and mother in law, because of staying in a totally different country there was no one to actually help us.

But we were saved thanks to our neighbor Nancy and her clever tips on pregnancy. Nancy was once-time a gynecology nurse but is now retired. She helped my wife a great deal during the last one month when I wasn’t able to get leave from my office.

Anyway not to bore you with the depths of our pregnancy reports, let’s get back to the topic.

During the arrival off our newborn, I closely observed how Nancy was helping my wife and these five are the top ways through which she eased my wife’s pain and kept her and the newborn healthier.

So, without further ado, here are the best five ways to stay fit during pregnancy, as per my own observations:

Always keep up with doctor’s appointments

 doctors appointments

One more reason to fret during pregnancy is not keeping up with the doctor’s appointments. This statement may have sounded obvious but do you still follow it?

I guess not.

This is because most pregnant women think that they are following up on their doctors’ appointments and already doing what their doctors had told them but it doesn’t actually help. The delay further deteriorates the condition of the pregnant women.

The same problem occurred with my wife. I was not home most of the time due to my late shifts she was missing most of her appointments. That was what Nancy told me the first time when we discussed our pregnancy-pain problem with her. One big help from her side was to accompany my wife to the clinic.

I can assure new-to-pregnancy that most of the pain and the problems occurring to you during pregnancy can easily be removed if you just keep up with the doctor’s appointments.

Exercise consistently

Exercise consistently

Exercise is the must for everything whether young or elderly. The same case is with the pregnancy. During pregnancy, you will become really fat. Though doctors already predict this happens, but one major reason for the occurrence is because you eat a lot of sweet dishes, oily and fatty foods, and don’t want to even move a bit.  This isn’t healthy.

But if you don’t like to exercise that is fine. There are a few drills like walking 10 to 15 minutes after meals that can help you stay in shape during the early months.

You may become over-weight due to lack of exercise. This can easily be reduced if you follow a proper diet plan. It will not only help your child stay healthy, but also avoid the emergence of unnecessary stretch marks.

There are many exercises available on the internet, you can also search for ‘pregnancy exercises for women’ to search for pregnant exercises that you can do easily.

Eat a well-balanced diet

pregnant diet

Live Science website suggests that pregnant women should keep a good mix of proteins in their diet because these meals support the baby’s growth. Whole grains, fish, poultry, and cheese are a good source of energy because these meals are provided fiber, vitamins, iron and B-vitamins.

Further, pregnant women can also eat lean meat, beef, and pork because these are also rich in minerals and other nutrients that are needed during pregnancy.

Keep yourself hydrated

pregnant hydrated

An authority website for pregnancy tips suggests that a woman during pregnancy should drink at least eight glasses of water to stay hydrated. Hydration keeps the baby healthy and the mother from getting depressed. So, instead of shifting to medicines, using organic ways to stay healthy during your child’s birth is a good idea.

Rest as much as possible

pregnant rest

The last point is most important because where a regular human needs to sleep 1/3rd part of the day, a pregnant woman during the nearing of the birth stage should be sleeping 2/3rd part of the day. This is because the growing baby needs more energy and this drains out the mother. To attain the same performance level the mother needs to rest more.

Final word:

Staying healthy during pregnancy should be your first priority and this can easily be achieved by keeping hydrated, resting, eating a balanced diet, and following a necessary exercise plan.

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