Sell a Car in UAE

How to Sell a Car in UAE without Any Hassle

The dilemma of best place to Sell Car

When it comes to selling one’s car it is not an easy task in the first place. The reason I say it is not easy is that it requires much patience and persistence unless you’re selling your car at a throw-away price. So the question arises what is the best place to sell car? At this point, you’re thinking ok I can place an ad online or see a dealer or two.  True, that is what the majority of the people who aren’t aware would have to do but each of the options have their pros and cons. Living in Dubai, the common cons they both shareis the most valuable and essential one, and that is time. I will elaborate what I mean and also offer a solution that will allow you to sell a car in Dubai without any hassle and in minutes.

Sell My Car to a Dealer Vs Online

place to Sell Car

If you decide to go to a dealer to sell your car some of the advantages are that if they like the car and you understand the price that they offer, then you’ll get paid immediately. On the other hand, the process of getting an estimate of your car is time-consuming as you’ll be going from one dealer to the other. Also, the paperwork itself is time-consuming. If you decide on posting an ad online then, yes, there are many popular sites online that will allow you to place an ad on them. It is easy and takes less time initially as compared to going to a dealer. You mention the details add pictures and you’re done for the time being. Then begins the waiting process based heavily on your luck and asking price. If you’re lucky you’ll get plenty of phone inquiries regarding your car and you’ll have to set a time and place for prospective buyers to see the car. Again this task is very time consuming and time taking and definitely not a good option if you need to sell your car urgently for cash.  So in the end, the answer to sell my car to a dealer or online is – neither – the best option although is online is quite different from the mentioned two.

Sell Any Car in 25 Minutes

Sell Any Car In 25 Minutes

As people have become aware of the problems and hassles of selling a car in one of the busiest cities in the world. There are some who understand this dilemma and offered quite a creative solution, is one of the best in the market. They have made a point to purchase any car from an individual within minutes. You go on their website fill up the forms get a free valuation of your car and book an appointment, the agent drops by at the given time gives the vehicle a once over, taking about 10 to 15 minutes and makes an offer usually better than the dealers. If you like the price you take your cash, check or bank transfer, and the company takes care of the paperwork and everything else.  So in actuality, the entire process is done in minutes and it can truly be said: “Sell any car in 25 minutes”.


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