Swimmer's Body

What is a Swimmer’s Body Look Like?

If you are a swimming lover, you would probably be thinking about how to get a swimmer body, what is a swimmer body? In this article, you will find all the details.

There are many sports activities you can do to keep yourself in shape, one of the best games is swimming. Swimmers get love from all over the world because of their perfect swimmer physique.

People normally ask this question from me that what does a swimmer’s body looks like. The main highlighted areas of a swimmers body Are they are tall and have long limbs, they have a flexible body with a broad shoulder. The most exceptional features of a swimmer’s body are their upper back part, a good swimmer body make a perfect “V” shape from the back.

Below are some key points that will clear your views about the swimmer’s body.


Swimmer's Body Flexibility

Photo from Freepik Before starting our topic, you should know that a professional swimmer has a perfect flexible body. Flexible ankles and hyperextending elbows and knees. With a perfect flexible body, the swimmer can easily switch their place in the water with a perfect grip on the water.

Broad shoulder

Swimmer's Body Broad shoulder

Photo from Freepik One of the best things in swimmers’ bodies is their large v-shaped back and broad shoulder. These broad shoulders assist them a lot during their work that’s why they are a significant feature of a swimmer’s body

Arm Length

Swimmer's Body  Arm Length

Photo from Freepik Since the arm stroke is an essential feature of a swimmer’s body. But it depends on which technique you are referring to. Arm length and size play an important role in swimming. The relationship between a swimmer arm and his height plays a great part in his swimming abilities. If your arm length is longer than your height, you can do better in the long-stroke axis. But if your arm is shorter as compared to your height, you will be good in short axis stroke.

Height and Limb

Swimmer's Body Height and Limb

Photo by drobotdean on Freepik

Well, height could be beneficial for both men and women as a swimmer. When we think of a swimmer’s body, the first thing that comes to our mind is their height. You might be thinking about what is the role of height in a swimmer’s body. The main reason is that wave drag is kept to the lowest when swimmers are longer. A taller swimmer can use less energy and power than a swimmer with a short height. Longarm and tall height work as a paddle for swimmers to pull more water backside.

Triceps shape

The great part of the swimmer’s arm contains their triceps that can be used in their momentum phase in swimming. Almost all swimmers have great triceps, which help them a lot in their swimming technique.


Obviously, just like in every sport, all size shape people are ranging from different capabilities. From them, some are easy to categorize as a swimmer’s body. But it doesn’t mean if someone doesn’t have a long arm, long chest with broad shoulder cant be a good swimmer. Anyone can achieve a look at a swimmer’s body. It will require hard work out and with a great diet.

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