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Taking The Car From Sweden To The Alps

One of the challenges of driving for skiing trips is the harsh winter conditions. It is important to check that your tires are in good condition before your trip.

Skiing trips are always fun, and an economical way to do it is by driving. Where you’ll come from and where you are going to will determine some preconditions of your trip. It can change a lot if you start up in the Nordics versus if you start in central Europe.

Central Europe has much more great ski places in its proximity than in the Nordics, and often you don’t have to pass through treacherous weather on your way there. If you drive from Sweden, you might start with harsh winter conditions, but once you cruise through Denmark it will begin to warm up, and upon reaching Germany, you’ll have more spring-like weather.

It might be challenging to decide when it comes to choosing the correct winter tires to use in traveling.

Types of Winter Tires

Studded Tires

If you’re using studded tires on your car for the Swedish winter weather, you will most likely have to change the tires before leaving. Though safer and reliable for rapidly changing weather conditions, the challenge here is that studded tires are not allowed in Germany, so you will not be allowed to pass through it when you drive.

Studded car Tire

Non-studded Tires

With SUV non-studded tires, though less reliable on icy roads, you will be fine to make your trip, and you should have sufficient grip to make the trip all the way from Sweden to the Alp village of your choice.

Advantages of Using a Car During Skiing Trips

Having a car on site also offers you some flexibility in changing ski resorts to try out a few different ones. You can even try out a few others in different countries. You can start with Switzerland and then take a French or Austrian resort on the way back. It will also allow you to try some different foods and ski conditions.

Car During Skiing Trips

It is good to follow the weather forecasts as heavy snowfall will impact the serpentine roads and can cause some chaos. Of course, the heavy snowfall can provide you with a fantastic skiing experience with fantastic untouched ski slopes. Just make sure to get there safely while being able to return to Sweden within your intended time frame.

For such a long drive it is always important to check that your tires are in good condition before and during the trip. Check the tire pressure as it can negatively impact your trip if the tire pressure is off. Filling up the car with several people, skis, and luggage will require that you check the tire pressure with this extra load in the car. If you have too low pressure, your tires will wear out faster, and they will also have a higher rolling resistance, causing you to end up with higher fuel bills. You will end up with having to buy new tires earlier than predicted as well as having to pay more for fuel during your trip, so this can negatively impact your calculated finances for the trip.

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