Ten Color Trends of 2019 That Will Instantly Attract Any Home Owner

Ten Color Trends of 2019 That Will Instantly Attract Any Home Owner

Colors light up our world and just like that, they can make our homes shine bright too. With a similar philosophy, paint companies or interior designers announce their colors for the year right at the start. They want home owners to shift the environment of their houses with the recommended trends.

While 2018 was more about vibrant edges in the form of sparkling red, modern metallic or darker shades, this year all the color trends are made by joining the dots between consumers’ home lives, mental demands, and digital engagement.

So, if you are planning to repaint your walls for a fresh look, then following these color trends should be your top priority, especially before you got out to find the best interior painting companies in Arlington MA and leave the decision onto them.

  1. Textures of Wood
  2. Electrifying Corals
  3. Hunter Greens
  4. Saturated Blues
  5. Pale Pink
  6. Digitally Inspired
  7. Contemporary Forest Greens
  8. Off Cream
  9. The Splashing Aquas
  10. Almost White
  • Textures of Wood

Getting inspired by nature for your home décor is not a new idea. However, in 2019, we are going to move towards creating a woodland instead of opting for oversized botanicals. This can be accompanied by mushroom grays and fern-inspired colors to make sure that your living room feels like old world along with the naturalist feel.

Textures of Wood

  • Electrifying Corals

Pantone has already stated that their color for 2019 is going to be Living Coral and it means that we all now definitely know of a color that will look extraordinary once painted well by the best interior painting companies.

Corals signify hope and can bring in more optimistic vibes to the place. You can also try to separate the coral shade into its orange and pink parts to lift up the mood.

  • Hunter Greens

Hunter greens hold a sultry and worldly value to it. In fact it’s a timeless hue in every respect, which can suit the best with neutral tones. The best part about this color is the fact that it can easily transition between the walls, furniture and accessories. Moreover, one also get to enjoy its gender-free vibe.

  • Saturated Blues

This is undoubtedly the best shade in the list for rooms that bear the maximum amount of sunlight during the day, kitchen cabinets or any custom built-ups inside the house. They might appear deep and dark at first glance, but their magic is unbelievable.

  • Pale Pink

Pale pinks are going to dominate this year mostly because of their neutral properties and how it can complement well with a variety of lighter shades. You can easily see the magic of monochromatic color way, when the pink desert sand shade gets mixed with abundance of white or a lemon yellow

Pale Pink

  • Digitally Inspired

As technology is becoming an integral part of our houses, it is important that the interior colors should also flow according to it in order to enhance the experience.  This is the reason why we are also going to witness high intensity shades that will basically imitate the artificial lights available around us.

  • Contemporary Forest Greens

Greens are a favorite choice of almost all the affordable interior painting companies in Arlington MA. Majority of them consider this option because of the healing properties of nature that the color holds and one can bring them inside the home.  Among all the popular shades, “Night Watch” will always remain as the king.

  • Off Cream

The minimalist interior design has encouraged many homemakers to go for colors that should ideally speak for themselves.  Therefore, nothing can beat the combination of cream shades with bolder undertones that promote simplicity and style.

You can always place your bet on Benjamin Moore’s Balboa Mist that only becomes rich with shadows and brightness, when you want to do the painting job on your own or affordable interior painting companies.Off Cream

  • The Splashing Aquas

Aqua alone is one of the best choices when one wants to go for a more vibrant color. However, they can also signify the presence of sense of humor and power around the accent walls, front door, or bookshelves in your house, when paired up with soft pinks or pastels.

  • Almost White

Nothing can ever beat the class of an all-white palette and fortunately enough, you’ll witness more of the subtle shades in 2019 as well.

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