The best baby food in India, healthy food for a healthy India!

The best baby food brand in India that feels like your own.

You will stop at nothing less than the best for your baby! That’s the spirit embodied in each parent. Eating healthy during pregnancy was nauseating enough, but feeding a kid can be an all-out war! Yet, it’s worth it. Their growing bodies need all the nutrients they can get. And their sensitive tummies are to be cautiously dealt with. And when it comes to the first morsels of food your little angel will eat, you want the best baby food that is healthy, yummy, and nutritious.

A knot of anxiety can form in your stomach, going through so much information available online. Feeling a bit lost and confused?

Don’t stress. Two-mothers faced a similar challenge 4 years ago and resolved to make the situation better. Keeping in mind ingredients, allergies, age-appropriate food, and wholesome-but-yummy baby food, they created Slurrp Farm. The best baby food brand in India that feels like your own, and saves you the intimidating experience that a gazillion different packages on the supermarket shelf can bring about. The homegrown brand has proved to be a perfect choice. Here’s how?

A simple balanced and nourishing diet plan for your 6-10 months toddler is now a click away.

100% Organic Food

Wondering what is organic food, and why is it better? Food that is organically grown without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, or genetically modified organisms. A study has shown that organic food might contain more antioxidants and vitamins. Babies and kids are extra sensitive, and you wouldn’t want them to come across pesticides, fertilizers, and antibiotics in their food. And when choosing for a baby we want the most nutrition-rich food.

Slurrp Farm offers 100% organic food, made of choicest grains and fruits. And what’s more, the products have no added artificial flavors, preservatives, additives. They contain the goodness of natural fruits just like the old days. With no maida and refined sugar, there is nothing that can go wrong with this excellent choice.

Nutrition-rich ingredients

The best thing about Slurrp Farm would be, the use of ingredients from our grandmother’s kitchen, that they trusted and believed in. With protein-rich and vitamin-filled ingredients, they are making a difference. Mentioned below are some of them:

Millets andBrown Rice: these non-allergenic grains with high fiber content are easy to digest for your little one’s tummy. They are exploding with proteins and iron needed for the growth of your baby. They would not only boost your baby’s immunity but also help them to have a good night’s sleep. They are naturally gluten-free too. With the power of ragi, jowar, brown rice, and foxtail millet in your baby’s porridge and cereal, they are a perfect way to add new texture and taste to their meals.

Jaggery: refined sugar can lose its nutritional value which jaggery is rich in. It is filled with iron and aids digestion. It would build healthy bones and can be used in place of sugar in a glass of milk or other recipes.

Nuts and chia seeds: good source of vitamin E, fatty acids, and protein, they can be introduced slowly in your baby’s diet in powdered form. They help cure flu, cough, and cold naturally.

Fresh fruits: filled with the goodness of fresh fruits that add a yummy flavor and twist to every meal, they will turn your precious one’s smile bigger and brighter.

Travel-friendly instant snacks to wholesome meals

Can you imagine, that you won’t need to compromise on the nutritional value of your baby’s diet while traveling? Yes, you got it right! Ranging from delicious ragi cookies and munchies to wholesome and protein-rich porridges, Slurrp Farm has travel-friendly packs and much more. A delightful collection of the best baby food in India. Here is a list of a few you can travel easily with, and would not have to depend on junk food.

For instant snacks:

1. Ragi and chocolate cookies

2. Munchies and puffs

Easy to cook wholesome meals:

1.Ragi and rice cereals – comes in 3 different flavors: strawberry, banana, and mango

2. Millet pancakes- chocolate and banana flavor

3. Millet dosa mix- beetroot and spinach flavor

4. Oats and millets porridge

Customizable food with recipe ideas

Making a perfect meal for your little ones is tough, especially when they are picky. But with the Slurrp Farm products, you can make almost conjure up anything and everything, like a genie. The extensive recipe blog Slurrp Farm operates has easy to cook, delicious and palatable recipes for babies. From oats kulfi that can be made under 10 min to millet momos and more.

The mouthwatering pancakes that are full of vitamins and minerals, made of super grains, they would take over your heart!

Even diet charts for 6th to 1-year toddlers are available, that are approved by expert nutritionists. With regular conversations with dieticians and professionals, they have been spreading awareness about pre to a post-pregnancy nutritional diet. And are there for you! Be it through providing the best baby food India or suggesting fun summer activities for your little one.


Try some of these today, and feel the chirp growing in your child. A healthy meal is key to a happier baby!

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