Bathroom Faucet

The Comprehensive Guide to Bathroom Faucet Elegances

Whether your bathroom is outdated or out of place, or if you’re just in the mood for something new and different, updating your sink fixture is an easy DIY project.

In a few hours, you can have a shiny, new, and clean tap. You can even install modern technology in your bathrooms, such as lights or tap without touching. As long as you know what you are doing, installing a sink accessory is simple.

Standard bathroom faucet configurations

The key to your bathroom should last a lifetime, so will choose a key that is elegant and functional. In this section, we will analyze the different styles of bathroom faucets available.

Replace the bathroom faucet

Bathroom Faucets

It’s time to know how to replace the bathroom faucet for your old faucet. You will just need this information as the easiest way to remove and replace with the new faucet. Yes, for some people, it can be very difficult and you need to use the service to replace them. No longer, you can do it yourself. The way, do not be afraid of not getting the easiest way. You will know how to remove the faucet from the bathroom and then replace it with the new one after reading this post.

The first step to replace the bathroom faucet is to remove the existing accessories when you lose the supply of the pipes and remove the nut in the tap.
The second step is a need to remove the pop-up drain. This can be done by removing the P trap from the attached nut.
The third step is to make sure you secure your faucet to your sink. You can do this by placing the Teflon paste or the tape on the key shank.
The fourth step will be how to replace the new faucet. After knowing the third step of how to replace the bathroom faucet, you must place the drain cover on the flange. I can apply it with the putty on the bottom of the drain flanges.
Then, you must press the putty into the drain hole. Now is the time to place a pop of drainage in place. Now you can place your safety lever all the way in the drain assembly.
Now, the last step is to clean all the supply tubes and then check the leaks once more. You can make sure your key is ready to use. These are simple steps to replace the bathroom shower key.
After knowing these easy ways, you may not feel so hard to replace your key. You can really do it at home without calling the service center. It will also adjust to the budget you will spend. Therefore, try to understand how to easily replace the bathroom faucet in your home.

Finishing touches Design and style

Bathroom Faucet

The finish is as important as the design. Here are some common options for bathroom faucet finishing:

  1. Chrome is a bright finish with cool blue tones. They have become more popular in the last 70 to 80 years because they fit well with elegant and minimalist bathroom designs. The best quality chrome faucets will be durable, resistant to tarnishing and low budget.
  2. Nickel can be polished, brushed or hammered, giving it a glossy or matte finish. Like chrome, polished nickel shines, but it has a warm golden tone instead of a cool blue. With this color, the accessories should be warmer earthy shades of orange, green and brown. Brushed nickel, sometimes called pewter, will bring a softer tone to your tubs and tubs. Because nickel can be difficult to maintain over time, it requires regular polishing to prevent it from losing its shine. If you choose a nickel finish for your faucets, brushed nickel may be a better choice, it is more resistant to tarnish than polishing.
  3. It is known that stainless steel has antibacterial properties, so it is a good option to consider when thinking about the long-term maintenance of your faucets. Like chrome, it is also bright, but it is a more luxurious alternative, as it is more durable and resistant.
  4. Bronze rubbed with oil is traditional, dark, rich and durable. It can be a bit more expensive than chrome or brushed nickel.
  5. Brass gives it a more traditional look, but can be combined with a modern sink for a contemporary look. If your bathroom has a wood theme, polished, brushed or hammered brass will complete the Victorian and vintage style.


  • Maintaining the brightness and brightness of your faucet is very important to ensure that it lasts longer. Here are some tips:
  • Clean your faucets regularly with a soft microfiber cloth after each used to keep them looking new.
  • Every two or three weeks, clean the faucets with a solution of lemon juice and water to eliminate the scale of lime, soap scum and grease.
  • When using harsh chemicals near the fittings of your faucet, avoid coming into contact with the faucet. If they do, clean them immediately.
  • Avoid hanging wet towels in your faucets;Prolonged moisture can cause corrosion.
  • Always thoroughly rinse soap residue, toothpaste, creams, and other personal hygiene products.

Some other things to consider:

Peak height: 

Most of the time, the area above the sink is clear and will have no limitations. However, consider whether there are shelves or cabinets over the tap area before making your final choice.

Handles and drain levers:

all models do not come with handles and drain levers. Make sure that what you order has everything you need.

Sink choice:

If you can choose your sink and tap, it’s likely to make your life easier. In this way, the holes and space will be compatible with each other.

Space and thickness:

What is the total size and what are the limitations in the tap? Do not forget to consider the thickness of your countertop.

Ease of maintenance/lifestyle:

Consider how this bathroom will be used and whether the finishes you choose will be easy to clean and maintain.

Water pressure:

Bathroom Faucets

When installing new taps, it is important to verify that the water pressure is adequate. Different faucets work better with different pressure rates. Mixer taps, in particular, need high-pressure rates to function as they should. Mixing taps usually have an outbreak.

The hot and cold water mix in the tap’s body, while it controls the flow and temperature of the water by one or two separate handles. They mix the hot and cold water as someone releases it from the spout, allowing you to have more control over the temperature.

The pressure of the flow to the faucets of your home depends on whether you have a gravity feed system, an unventilated hot water system or a combination boiler that feeds hot water to your faucets. Ask the installer or bathroom builder to check the water pressure to help inform your decision.


Finally, price. It is not profitable to buy a cheap tap, just because it is cheap. You should consider the long-term benefit of buying a better quality tap from the start; Otherwise, replace them sooner rather than later.
Making you spend more money than you ever thought. If you are working with a more tight budget for your new bathroom project, look for a way to save money in other areas.
Your faucets will be the most used accessories in your bathroom, so they must be resistant and of high quality. Try to buy from a manufacturer that offers a decent guarantee of at least five years.

Delivery time: 

consider the delivery time of the key you choose to order and how it will affect the schedule of your project. Some faucets and accessories are not so easily available and take longer to be delivered.
I hope this complete guide is useful as you make your choices. By no means exhaustive, there is a world of choice available when it comes to installing the best fittings and faucets in your bathroom. The most important thing is to do your research diligently because you will have to live with your choices for a while.

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