The Cost of IUI in Hyderabad and the Best Way to Pay for it

When couples are looking to expand their family, the single line on the home pregnancy kit, that appears repeatedly

When couples are looking to expand their family, the single line on the home pregnancy kit, that appears repeatedly, might be very frustrating. Most of the chances, in this case, can be fertility. Many Indian couples are superstitious and think it’s a taboo, so they don't like to share this problem. But, with the advancement in the medical field, infertility is not a big concern, and can't stop you from becoming proud parents. 

Why Opt for IUI?

Intrauterine Insemination or in short IUI is an assisted reproductive technology, based on a combination of medicines and treatments. It helps in a fusion of the female eggs with male sperm outside the body. An IUI pregnancy is virtually indistinguishable from a traditional pregnancy, and is therefore more popular than IVF. 

IUI is also a proven method that increases your chance of conception. It provides solutions for issues of infertility in men and provides you an opportunity to have a baby whenever you both are ready. 

Cost of IUI Treatment in Hyderabad

First of all, we have to understand that no two IUI experiences are the same. So, the overall cost for every couple varies depending on their unique needs and requirements. However, the IUI cost in Hyderabad can be broadly put under a bracket range. The minimum IUI cost in Hyderabad is about Rs 17,000. 

The overall success rate for a single IUI treatment is around 16-20% and differs largely from patient to patient. Therefore, there may be a requirement for more than one cycle for IUI treatment, to ensure the successful implantation of the fertilized embryo in the uterus. A single cost of IUI treatment in Hyderabad ranges between Rs 12,000 to Rs 17,000. Sometimes, the estimated cost may also go up to Rs 30,000, if the situation is more critical. 

IUI cost in India also varies with the hospital of your choice. Some of the hospitals have more experienced doctors in Hyderabad and embryologists who use the best technology and have better infrastructure, may charge extra. They also offer the most successful and hassle-free procedure for treatment. 

Factors Affecting IUI Cost in Hyderabad

Various factors affect the cost of IUI treatment, such as the age of a woman. As a thumb rule, the older a woman is, the lesser the chances of conceiving in the very first cycle. Some of the major factors affecting the cost are:

  • Complication of the case

  • Cost of embryo freezing

  • Age of the patient

  • Quality of the sperm

  • Proficiency of the doctor

  • Donor embryo health

  • The overall health of the woman

Cost of IUI and Your Health Insurance Policy

The general health policies in India usually do not provide coverage for IUI procedures. But in the last few years, some companies have introduced infertility treatment coverage under their health insurance plans. Some of them may offer IUI treatment in the basic policy, while others are offering it as an add-on cover. Moreover, the level of coverage also differs from each other. Most of the plans don’t offer comprehensive coverage, and neither do they cover all kinds of IUI treatments. 

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