The New Rules of B2B Lead Generation

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And in a typical marketing or in sales process, B2B lead generation is that step.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, it was normal for every B2B business professional to spend 80% of their time with their clients. These business owners and managers would look for new leads and prospects through one-on-one interactions, business events, and conferences. However, things changed after 2020, as COVID-19 made it impossible to leads 

generate through this same old method. Moreover, customers now prefer interactions through virtual methods. 

Since customers and B2B businesses can’t return to the old lead generation methods, here are the new B2B lead generation rules. Build The Right Team

Gone are the days when B2B lead generation teams included individuals who could charm people through smooth talk; now, it’s about multiple factors. Nowadays, organizations need to have a cross-functional team that generates leads by creating valuable content for marketing. 

B2B businesses should ensure that their whole team is industry-focused, and both the regional sales teams and the global marketing team are on the same page. Moreover, it’s also essential to incorporate the feedback from regional and global teams in content creation. 

Create Result-Oriented Emails

Email marketing is necessary for every business looking to market their services on a large scale. However, your email marketing team should only produce result-based emails. But what does this mean? In simple words, the content of your email should revolve around the problems your clients are facing instead of the products you’re selling. 

For instance, research beforehand on how your product differs from your competitors and brings value to the life of your clients. Draft an email revolving around this, and witness many businesses responding to your emails, and expressing interest in trying your products. Remember, your email just shouldn't be another unread email in the inbox folder!

Let Generation Teams Share Leads with Others

After the content and sales team post content on their landing pages and social media platforms and email it to clients, it will generate multiple leads! However, the lead generation team needs to share these leads with the sales team on an urgent basis. 

Therefore, you need to ensure that the sales team receives these leads on time and acts on them. Otherwise, following the whole lead generation procedure will be useless. 

Implementing this approach isn’t easy as many B2B businesses have to learn everything from scratch. But we have a better solution — hiring a B2B lead generation service. At The Lead Market, we provide high-quality lead generation services for IT companies, staffing firms, and more! 

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