The Pros and Cons of Owning a Waterfront Property

Living on a luxury waterfront property sounds like a dream.

Finding the Right Homes For Sale With a Waterfront View

Living on a luxury waterfront property sounds like a dream. For many homebuyers, the prospect of living by the seaside is a highly desirable concept. These properties come with stunning views and easy access to waterside activities. As a bonus, a waterfront property’s beauty and atmosphere make it appealing to any buyer looking for a home. Like any property, however, waterfront properties can have their ups and downs. LUXE Forbes Global Properties has put together a list of pros and cons for buyers who are looking for homes for sale with a waterfront view. This list will detail the ups and downs of purchasing a waterfront property, giving you valuable insight before you decide to invest in a seaside home.

Pro: A Constant View

A waterfront property’s biggest strength is its stunning views. The gorgeous scenery provided by lakes or oceans is one of the best features of a home for sale by the waterfront, drawing in several interested buyers. Unlike cityscapes, waterfront areas don’t see as much development. Cities and other highly urbanized areas tend to have shifting landscapes and views. This is a factor that contributes to their premium price and status: waterside views are permanent and unlikely to change over the decades. Your home by the water will have the same gorgeous views years later.

Con: Strict Regulations

Waterfront properties are situated by bodies of water. Due to their proximity to ecologically valuable areas, owning a property in these areas can come with a variety of strict regulations. If you’re building a waterfront property from scratch, you’ll have to deal with zoning regulations. These regulations place a limit on how big your house can be. Often, zoning laws work in tandem with flood prevention measures. Alternatively, if you’re looking to renovate or add to an existing property, you’ll have to check with local authorities. You may not have as much creative freedom with your property because waterfront homes are recognized as local, state, or federal historic zones. Before purchasing a waterfront home, have your real estate agent explain the laws and regulations in the area. If you find these rules too strict for your liking, a waterfront property may not be for you.

Pro: Investment Potential

Investing in a waterfront property can bring good returns. Renting out a seaside home, especially during tourist seasons, turns a good profit for owners of these properties. Thanks to their proximity to water sports and other beloved summer activities, rental costs for homes by the waterfront are higher than conventional properties. Buying a property by the water can return a good profit!

Con: High Insurance, Repair, and Living Costs

There are a few special expenses that come with living by the waterside. Utility costs are higher for waterfront properties due to their location: these homes are situated far from conventional power and water suppliers, thus making energy and water expenses significantly higher. Waterfront homes are susceptible to damage. Typhoons, flooding, and other issues can affect the integrity of the property. These factors add to your insurance costs. Some insurance companies might not cover these types of damages, so you may have to look into getting specialized insurance for your waterfront property. It’s important to note that flood insurance can be expensive and difficult to obtain. The damage that typhoons and other disasters can cause also add to the costs of owning a waterfront home. Many waterside properties use special finishes and storm-proofing material to protect against calamities. These materials, along with any other repairs, can come at a hefty cost. Overall, a waterside property doesn’t come cheap. Thanks to its initial costs, insurance, and living repairs, you’ll need to take careful consideration before buying this kind of property.

Pro: Health Benefits

Living near bodies of water can benefit your health. Since fresh air is abundant by the waterside, you’ll experience all the benefits that come with it. People living by the seaside see improvements in their lungs, blood pressure, and heart rate. Breathing in the fresh air also strengthens your immune system. Swimming is one of the reasons why people invest in waterside properties. This activity is a good full-body workout. By spending a few hours in the water, you’ll build your muscles and improve circulation, along with seeing improvements in your immune system’s functions. You’ll be surrounded by valuable antibiotic and antibacterial elements when you swim in seawater. Other watersport activities like surfing, kitesurfing, or snorkeling can also provide you with valuable exercise. Thanks to the increased amounts of sunlight and fresh air, your mental health will also see several benefits. Physical activity and a beautiful environment provide you with increased levels of serotonin, allowing your mind to enter a relaxed, happy state. Living by the water can give you wonderful health benefits. When you invest in a waterfront property, you won’t just be getting a beautiful home: you’ll also get a happier, healthier mind and

Con: Shifting Climates

Climate change isn’t just a concern for people living in the city. Increased amounts of typhoons and hurricanes, along with shifting temperatures, pose risks to people living by the waterside. Natural disasters also cause several thousand dollars worth of damages. Aside from these risks, shifting climates may make daily life more difficult: doing laundry, growing plants, and other daily chores depend on a stable climate. These aspects can make it hard for inexperienced buyers to live near the waterside. Before looking for homes for sale with a waterfront view, it’s important to understand that the conveniences brought by conventional housing aren’t as available when you choose to live on waterfront property.

Pro: Proximity to Attractions

Beaches, lakes, and other bodies of water are tourist hotspots. These areas bring a host of attractions for you to explore, providing you with a variety of fun activities and events. You’ll be right at the doorstep of any occasions like concerts and parties. Thanks to the number of tourists visiting the area, food trucks, bars, restaurants, and other such attractions are abundant by the waterside. Buyers with active lifestyles may also be interested in water sports. Surfing is a beloved sport, but you might also be interested in kayaking, sailing, or waterskiing. Living in a waterfront property gives you easy access to all of these amenities. When you invest in life by the waterside, you’re also investing in all the activities and amenities it has to offer.

Con: Less Peace and Quiet

Waterfront areas attract several visitors. The number of tourists increases during the summer and holiday seasons, which can bring issues with privacy and quiet. Condominiums and townhouses provide their residents with a certain level of valuable privacy. Before moving to waterfront property, it’s important to understand that you won’t get the same amount of privacy. Regardless of the property, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the area can help you make informed decisions. Buying a home for sale with a waterfront view is a big commitment. Now that you’ve looked through LUXE’s list of pros and cons, you’ll be able to decide if it’s the right time to buy your dream home by the seashore.

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