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Most Hindu families have been bound to elect astrologers and horoscopes. Mangal Dosh has a great significance and presence in astrology. Let us come to know what Manglik is. Basically, a person who has been born in the influence of mars is said to be a “Manglik”. This is a belief which prevails all over  India. The reason behind the Mars phrase is since Mars is a planet of war, they become unsuitable for their married life as conflicts arise between them often.


There is a big debate between the topics like whether a Manglik bride can marry a non-Manglik groom and vice versa. Not every Horoscope in mars leads to this dosh. Mangl dosh happens in some specific placement of mars in the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house leading to Manglik Dosh. So, each placements has 12 houses. People from the above placement will have 50% of Mangal dosh, so the chance of them getting married would become 50% reduced. Now, this report has been given by some astrologers in our country and has been printed in an article.


Let’s come to the answers of the prevailing questions. This is completely a misconception like we had something before a black cat crossed through the path. Ofcourse, a Manglik profile can find a non- Manglik profile and they can even get married. Mars is not anemic. As mentioned before, if a person is a Manglik, their life partner would get affected by health or any other factor. This is completely a garbage fact. Mars is said to be aggressive, energetic and passionate. Hence, the person could be extra mingled and energetic with the activities they get involved in. Manglik persons are polite and have a strong personality and maintain discipline in their career and as well as in their social lives.



Certain astrologers claim and recommend the Manglik profile to get wedded to the person with the same dosh. As a result, the negative vibes between them are ignored and they can enjoy pure marital bliss. Marrying a Manglik person is assumed as something which leads to death. It is completely wrong to assume that phrase. It is something like they face difficulties in life more than the other people and probably, problems arise in each and every social and marital lives and this is most common in a relationship.


To conclude with the topic, if people are really minding about the phrase, they can just go with some pujas but not completely get bound with mis-conceptions. Finally, Mangliks can be considered as normal people. They are just ordinary people with extraordinary energy and powers than the normal ones. They are very good at problem solving and maintaining a love life. Manglik people can go ahead and marry the Mangliks or even with the non- Mangliks. As they have the power and good mind in relationships, they can just marry and even solve disputes between them easily. And the death issues are just a misconception and everybody must move towards normalizing the Mangliks.

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