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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rid of Clogged Drains

Troubled with the repeated problem of clogged drains in your home? Check out this post and find out the reasons for blocked drains and their quick fixes!

Indeed, there’s no sugar-coating the situation, clogged drains are odious! Apart from creating a dirty home environment, they convey an unbearable feeling of disgust. It’s a concern that deserves a bit of extra attention since a good amount of harmful bacteria can accumulate in the blocked drains. They can cause serious health issues to the residents. However, the tragedy is, every homeowner essentially faces this issue once a year. 

It’s extremely important to know the reasons for the blockage and how to deal with the problem of blocked drains Dandenong. This post highlights the causes that lead to the blockage of the home drains and the ways to get rid of the same. Continue reading below to know more.

The Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains and Their Solutions

There are plenty of reasons that can clog the drains. Pointing them out is essential to avoid this unpleasant situation. Most common of them are here.

Blockage Caused By Broken Pipes

Broken Pipes

The home water pipes can break for different reasons, including tree routes ore general tears. Once it starts to crack, its broken parts can start to block the drain. However, if one can do a detail inspection for the same, then only he can detect this problem. Otherwise, it’s very hard to catch it with bare eyes. In case there’s a lack of space, the problem becomes even more serious. 


There’s no home fix for this problem. One needs to call efficient plumbers and get the repair work done. In case the drain is vigorously clogged by the broken parts of the pipes, call a drain cleaning service immediately.

Hairs- The Hidden Enem

Hairs are the greatest contributor to a drain blockage. Apparently, it looks like a super easy task to remove hairs from the drain. However, it’s not! A lot of hairs go to the drain while taking a shower and after getting together, they interrupt the regular flow of water. Naturally, it causes a clogged drain.


If there’s a very small amount of hair, one can pull it out to avoid future complications. In case the situation is already messy, it’s better to hire professional services to get rid of the problem.


Small Bathroom

Many people own a habit of dropping the toiletries direct to the drain. This can cause a bigger problem by blocking not only the drain but the sewage pipes as well. Sanitary napkins and baby diapers are two objects that one flushes the most in the toilet. These items absorb water and become larger. Naturally, it blocks the way of water and produces a nasty result. 


It’s always a wise decision to use a litter bin to dispose of such items. However, if the situation is already out of control, the only way out is calling a professional plumbing agency and clear up the mess. 

While calling them, it’s better to focus on a wholesome servicing by checking the other plumbing related issues.  They also offer carbon monoxide tests and other important checks. It won’t be a bad idea to avail of the benefits of the same.

The stated points are the causes and the fixes of a clogged drain. Avoiding the causes may help one in saving a satisfactory amount of his/her hard-earned money. It’s always better to remember the old saying that a little effort of prevention may avoid the chances of cure.

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