The use of ketotifen fumarate tablets

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Ketotifen Fumarate Tablets  is a drug that can suppress allergies. It has certain inhibitory and healing effects for allergic diseases or asthma. However, in the case of using ketotifen fumarate tablets, there are still many common problems, because ketotifen fumarate tablets have certain side effects. Below, I will explain the drugs such as ketotifen fumarate tablets in detail for everyone!

1. What is the effect of ketotifen fumarate tablets?

Ketotifen fumarate is considered to be a drug with a steroid hormone-like response but no internal side effects. After the main components enter the body, they can inhibit the release of allergic symptoms and have a long anti-allergic effect, and the drug lasts for a long time. For exogenous asthma, endogenous asthma, childhood asthma, allergic rhinitis, Various symptoms such as bronchial asthma have practical effects, which can reduce the frequency of allergic asthma attacks and reduce the duration of asthma.

What are the side effects of ketotifen fumarate tablets?

Most patients can take ketotifen fumarate tablets under the specific guidance of specialists, and children and the elderly can choose to reuse them. However, a very small number of patients may experience discomforts such as sleepiness, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting and calmness when taking it. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the doctor's regulations to avoid side effects.


Overall, ketotifen fumarate tablets are reasonable for allergic rhinitis, allergic bronchial asthma, childhood asthma, exogenous asthma, endogenous asthma and other diseases. However, there are also some patients who will experience discomfort in the digestive tract system and other levels after taking it, so try to follow the doctor's regulations to use it, and don't abuse it casually.

3. Frequently Asked Questions about Ketotifen Fumarate Tablets

1. During the period of taking the medicine, it is not allowed to safely drive machines, vehicles, boats, work on high altitudes, work on mechanical equipment and actually operate instruments.

2. Please consult a doctor or physician for the dosage of children and children.

3. Pregnant women should use it with caution.

4. It is forbidden to use this product for allergic symptoms, and those with allergic constitution should use it with caution.

5. It is strictly forbidden to apply when the characteristics of this product are changed.

6. Please put this product in an area that children cannot touch.

7. Children must be used under the supervision of adults.

8. If other drugs have been used, please consult a doctor or physician before using this product.


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