Tips To Maintain Your Memory Foam Mattress

There are several reasons that impact the quality of your sleep, the mattress you sleep on is one of the most important among the many. But just buying a good mattress doesn’t spare you the horror of getting an uncomfortable sleep. Mattresses can be damaged by various internal and external factors. Although orthopedic memory foam mattress is one of the most long-lasting and comfortable mattress types, to avail of its benefits for a longer period of time, it needs to be taken care of properly. Here are a few steps that you can follow to keep your orthopedic memory foam mattress maintained:

  • Do Rotate It Regularly

You must rotate your memory foam mattress head-to-toe every now and then. This helps in avoiding depression or craters in the areas where pressure is being applied constantly. This allows the maintenance of an equal surface throughout the mattress for a longer period of time.  

  • Keep It Dry And Avoid Moisture

Fluids interact with the foam and can deteriorate its quality. Using a mattress protector or a thick bed sheet can be a good option to protect your mattress. Moreover using air purifiers and heaters can also help in reducing the moisture content in the air in turn protecting the mattress from getting moist. 

  • Avoid Close Contact With Direct Heat Sources

Often every best memory foam mattress in India is made of very heat-sensitive material. This is what allows it to adjust according to your body’s curves. But too much or direct contact with strong heat sources can lead to depreciation in its firmness and density. It is also recommended not to use electric heating blankets or hot water bags with orthopedic memory foam mattresses as they can damage the structure of the foam ultimately shortening its lifespan. 

  • Use a suitable bed base

Using the right bed base gives the right and even support to the mattress protecting its quality and uniformity. One must make sure that there are no large gaps between the bed sides. Huge gaps can lead to depression in the areas where the support is not provided in turn ruining the surface's uniformity. 

  • Regular dusting 

Although the materials used to make memory foam are resistant to allergens like mites, molds, etc, dust particles can settle on the surface. This could be harmful to people that have dust allergies and also ruin the aesthetics of the mattress, its color and more. Dusting the mattress regularly can avoid dust settlement preventing all these problems. 

  • Avoid eating on the bed

Food particles can stick to the mattress surface ruining its look, color and even texture. Fluids in the food can even lead to damage in the foam quality much sooner than its normal life. Using a plastic sheet or mattress cover while eating on your bed can help maintain its hygiene and quality. 

Even if you buy your mattress from the best mattress brands in India, it is only through proper maintenance that you will be able to utilise its benefits to the fullest. 


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