Luxury Resorts in Mulshi | Best Resorts/Hotels near Lavasa – Gharkul Agri Tourism Resort.

Gharkul Agri Tourism Resort is known as one of the best luxury resorts and hotels in Mulshi. Visit us to enjoy state-of-the-art amenities, world-class service, stunn

The concept of “Guest Gods” comes from the customer’s view. The food is provided to the customers. There is a spacious dining hall. Good facilities for food and stay are provided to the customers. Interesting playgrounds can be used to play a favorite sport. Staff at the Gharkul Agricultural Tourism is always ready. Gharkul Krushi Tourism is situated in a scenic atmosphere at Watande village, 28 kilometers from Chandni Chowk (Pune), Lavasa Road. Near the river, the surrounding hills can be enjoyed working in agriculture, enjoying a pleasant mountain, the stillness that is found on the field is still on the field, the silhouette of nature and the color shade of nature, the inauspicious light of many stars in the dark darkness of night and the warm garlands of the dawn, tastes of different birds, Visit Gharkul “Agricultural Tourism”.

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