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Tips To Prevent Red Wine Stains On Teeth

A glass of red wine is a common indulgence among adults at social gatherings, parties, and during mealtimes. Red wine has a lot of health advantages, but it can also, sadly, harm your smile. Red wine’s tannin, acids, and natural dyes may cause teeth to develop a soft purple colour immediately after consumption, and over time, this could result in permanent tooth discolouration.

Luckily, there are several things you could do to look after your teeth while enjoying a glass of your preferred red, and these seven tips will undoubtedly be useful!

1. Brush your teeth first, not afterwards

When you look in the mirror and notice a wine-stained smile, you might be tempted to grab the toothbrush right away, but this could do more harm than good. Red wine as well as other dark-coloured liquids can harm your tooth enamel if you brush your teeth right away. Due to wine’s strong acidity, your teeth are extremely vulnerable to abrasion and sensitivity. Instead of brushing after drinking wine, brush your teeth before you do so because wine sticks to and tints the plaque on your teeth. Before having a drink, pick up your toothbrush to lessen the likelihood of a wine-stained smile.

2. Make use of a whitening toothpaste

To maintain your smile white and free of stains, there are numerous great tooth-whitening products available. Although some of these solutions work well, others might harm teeth by removing enamel and making them more sensitive to stains. To make sure you are using the proper kind of whitening treatment for your smile, always talk to the best dentist in India before adding any whitening products.

3. Utilize a straw

Although it may seem foolish, drinking red wine using a straw will allow the wine to avoid the teeth and directly reach the tongue. Red wine isn’t typically sipped with a straw, so if doing so in public doesn’t seem like a good idea for you, try doing it at home.

4. Chew sugar-free gum

Red wine

stains could be prevented by chewing sugar-free gum after consuming a glass of red wine. By encouraging salivation and removing food and debris left behind, sugarless gum with Xylitol might be even more beneficial to your smile. Similar to brushing your teeth, chewing gum works best when done before a glass of red wine.

5. Intermittently sip sparkling water.

Drinking a glass of sparkling water in between sips of wine can help keep your mouth from becoming stained while also keeping you hydrated while intoxicated. Swish sparkling water about in your mouth so that the bubbles and carbonation will release plaque and food particles while removing surface stains.


Seeing the top dentist in Delhi on a constant schedule might help prevent your teeth from staining, especially if you consume red wine frequently. We hope you found this advice on how to preserve your teeth from red wine stains as well as other kinds of tooth discolouration useful.