Among all those, you got the pressure of following the doctor’s precautions, and also don’t want to miss the baby’s subtle hints and voices. In all, this is a diff

If you are a woman and have undergone pregnancy, you must be well aware of the sweet and challenging sides of it. You are loaded with innumerable advises about how to dress, what or what not to eat, how to sit, when to sleep, and many more. Among all those, you got the pressure of following the doctor’s precautions, and also don’t want to miss the baby’s subtle hints and voices. In all, this is a different phase of life and you love the strangeness of this phase. Among all other aspects, one undeniable factor, which cannot be overlooked, is weight gain! Most women are likely to gain weight during the pregnancy period and that shows after baby’s delivery. So if you are concerned about the likely “bulky stature” post-pregnancy, you are not alone. Most women are prone to it. Be glad that scientific studies have answers for your concern and have handy hints to help you in controlling weight during pregnancy.

 Read on – this article has lots of valuable advice! Is losing weight during pregnancy possible? That’s an important question. Well, the best person or the ‘right authority’ to answer that is your doctor. But at the same time, you can know some facts about it. Women who are already obese are less likely to be in a position to lose weight during their pregnancy period. In the opinion of experts, this idea doesn’t look favorable for them and from their health perspective. So if you are obese and carrying, stay safe and postpone the idea for the future!

The possibility of losing weight during pregnancy may be worked in case of those women who are not obese; but for that, they should talk to their doctor and learn about the right methodology, diet plan, etc. Know the risks!

Obesity obviously has its own risks, but going into pregnancy while obese can be even riskier. Doctors don’t hesitate from warning overweight women and from sensitizing them the importance of losing weight early. This is for two reasons; first, bulky or overweight women may have difficulty conceiving and second, they can leave severe threats for the baby. Being obese while pregnant may lead to repercussions like premature birth or stillbirth, the threat of disease to the baby, chances of high blood pressure to the mother, etc. Chance of some kind of infections also cannot be denied. On the positive note, there are prescribed methodologies which can help pregnant women in losing weight. However, the change has to be gradual, with sensible alterations in lifestyle and under expert supervision. A word of advice here – sudden physiological changes can be hazardous, unsound; gradual is beneficial. So is true in case of weight loss. Now here are some doctor recommended ways to securely lose weight during pregnancy.

 Check per day calorie intake: During pregnancy, the most appropriate daily calorie demand for the body is of approx 1700 calories. This means you may safely cut down the calorie consuming which is anywhere above this dose. Considering you cut down 500 calories a day, the weakly deficit touches 3500 calories which is equivalent to 1 pound of weight. All you need to do is here talk to an expert dietician, have your food planned and see how you can slowly but surely bring down your calorie intake. Some smart practices are avoiding condiments, replacing baked items with fruits, eliminating soda and taking water, eating foods in smaller quantities. Take a workout: Parental yoga is one best advised workout for pregnant women. In addition, you can also go walking, swimming, gardening,etc as safety measures to weight loss. Workouts not only keep you active and save from lethargy but they also help in reducing the pains during pregnancy and chance of any birth defect.

Right time to check weight gain: Carrying moms gain weight during their 2nd and 3rd trimesters. Hereafter, the baby’s growth also speeds up leaving little chance for you to check weight. Therefore, the best time to check and control your weight is before this. Start taking preventive steps early so that you will always be relieved of any undesirable influences during pregnancy. But it is always to – only after you have consulted about it with your physician.


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