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How to Keep Your Tongue Clean and Healthy?

It is advised to brush your teeth and floss twice a day. But what is equally important is cleaning your tongue.

When you clean your tongue, you help in cleaning the bacteria. To follow a healthy tongue cleaning habit, we have a list of things to keep in mind:

List of Tips to Keep in Mind: 

  1. Use a separate tongue scraping instrument. This is a healthy habit. You can choose the instrument made up of either plastic or metal it is your choice. The shape of the instrument can be either V shape or with round edges. You can choose whatever makes you feel comfortable. 
  2. While cleaning the tongue try to stick out your tongue as far as you can.
  3. Put the foot scraper at the back of your tongue.
  4. The right way to clean the tongue using the tongue scraper is by applying pressure and moving it forward and backward.
  5. Repeat this for about 4-5times. Adjust the pressure as per your comfort.
  6. After using the tongue scraper, pour warm water and rinse the tongue cleaner to make sure that all the bacteria are washed away. Spit the extra saliva to make sure that the tongue is completely clean.
  7. Now when the tongue scraper is clean, keep it aside at a clean spot.

Things to Keep in Mind to Make Sure That Your Tongue Is Always Clean and Healthy

Regular Tongue Cleaning is must

Make tongue cleaning a ritual that needs to be followed every single day after you finish brushing your teeth. Apply the upward-downward motion for cleaning the tongue. This also helps in removing bad odour in your mouth. It also removes the bacteria on the tongue.

Use Separate and Clean Tongue Scraper

A flexible, soft tongue scraper for cleaning the tongue will help in removing all the mucus formed on the tongue. Make sure that you clean the center of the tongue too.

Rinse Your Tongue Properly

Every time you clean your tongue, make sure that you rinse it properly with water. The bacteria can be in any corner and by rinsing water, you can get rid of the bacteria. You can also use a saline solution which will keep your mouth clear of bacteria.

Consume Green Tea

Green tea is a good way to keep your tongue clean. With the help of green tea, the bacteria in the mouth is reduced. The green tea kills the bacteria in the mouth. 

Always Monitor Your Tongue Color

Check the color of your tongue from time to time. The color of a healthy tongue is light pink. You may find some coating on it. A white tongue indicates dehydration and fungal infection. If your tongue is red, it is a warning sign of any sort of infection. If your tongue is pale that means you have a vitamin deficiency. Get your teeth whitening in Ahmedabad from best clinic.

Drink Lots of Water

It is important to have water for the overall health and functionality of your body. Drinking water washes away the bacteria on your tongue and teeth. Make sure to drink lots of water for good health.

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