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Top tools for iOS App Development

Developing mobile applications is easier than before. Several tools have been introduced to the developers to turn their development process easier and faster.

These tools are the requirements of the modern world as now the demand for iOS mobile applications has increased, to deliver the apps faster to meet with the market competition developers leverage the benefits of the development tools. 

There are several iOS app development tools. These tools help developers in the development process in different ways. However, tools offer developers to easily write code, data recording, and secure API integration with easy process. They don’t have to work on the processes from scratch. 

Some tools have become popular and play a significant role in iOS mobile app development. If you plan to hire an iPhone app developer, it is important to assess the expertise in these popular iOS tools.  

Top Frameworks to know about iOS App Development: 


X-Code is the most preferable tool for iOS developers. It is developed by Apple written in 2003, written in C and C++. This tool is based on the macOS operating system. 

According to Wikipedia, Xcode supports source code for the programming languages C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, Java, AppleScript, Python, Ruby, ResEdit (Rez), and Swift, with a variety of programming models, including but not limited to Cocoa, Carbon, and Java.

  • It helps to write simpler and code for iOS developers. 
  • Design changes can be preview in the live mode instantly.
  • GUI( Graphical User Interface)  tool Instruments are integrated. 
  • Xcode tool  Apple’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is for both Mac and iOS apps
  • Offers complete documentation and source editor which helps develop own instrument with custom visualization

Code Runner

It is among one of the best IDE environment tools with advanced integrated features. With a code runner tool, a developer can offer code in multiple languages including documentation snippets, tab-selectable placeholders, and fuzzy-search. 

This tool offers smooth editor, Custom Syntax Color, Documentation sidebar, and supports dark mode in macOS Mojave. 

  • Helps to write code effortlessly
  • Easy-to-use tool 
  • Lightweight
  • Integrated with the advanced programming editor 
  • Allows to run code in 25 different languages including swift, objective-C and objective-C++


Testflight iPhone app development tool helps in the testing process and offers an opportunity for the developers to test their beta versions of iOS, tvOS and watchOS apps. 

It allows developers to invite up to 10,000 testers to test the iOS application before launching it in public and get valuable and essential feedback. Test Flight tool is launched by Apple and it is under Freeware license. 

  • Known as best testers 
  • Developers can test the application via a public link 
  • As per the preferability, developers have the power to add or remove the testers from the tool. 
  • With the test flight tool, improvements in performance and stability have observed. 


It is one of the tools which helps to know the users about their visibility on the digital platform. The Applyzer tool helps you to know the ranking results and improve keyword strategy. 

By knowing the overall performance of the App Store and its insight, users can improve their SEO services and get effective results. 

  • Helps to be in top in the Worldwide App Ranking 
  • offers a friendly approach to tracking large amounts of keywords across multiple territories
  • Applyzer tool supports several tools such as  Mac, AppleTV, and Sticker apps
  • Easy to use and free tool 
  • The Applyzer tool helps to identify the most relevant keywords 


RxSwift is a popular tool for iOS development. This tool offers a reactive programming library and helps to develop dynamic applications. Integrated with extensive features such as  Marble Diagrams, Subjects, Map, and Flat map. 

  • This tool supports two types of coding including – Synchronous and Asynchronous
  • It offers rapid development with extensive features 
  • Supports declarative coding style 
  • Compatible with the MVVM template 
  • Manageable with various App resources 
  • With RxSwift Cocoa APIs can be integrated easily with iOS and OS X 


AppCode is an Intelligent and modern IDE for  JavaScript,  Objective-C, 

C, C++, and Swift development. This tool is developed by JetBrains’ and for the first time, it was released in April 2011. Originally written in Java and Swift programming language based on the Mac OS operating system. 

  • Helps to Analyse and Refactor coding system 
  • Supported by several languages 
  • Offers Intelligent code assistance
  • Regular monitors the coding process and highlight the error in the programming process to avoid future failure. 


The mobile app development industry growing rapidly and experts are constantly launching new tools with extensive features with the aim to make the iOS development process easier and faster. 

There are several tools but here we have listed the most useful tools to build an iOS mobile application and every developer should know about them. It is important to leverage tools to transform app ideas into reality.

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