TOP 3 Common Water quality monitoring solutions


Natural disasters such as floods and heavy rains pose a threat to life and property around the world. Without proper flood monitoring systems, these natural events often lead to disasters that can seriously affect economic losses, social disruption and damage to the urban environment. Although iot solutions cannot prevent flooding, real-time monitoring of data can help minimize potential damage by building proactive solutions for communities. With the iot flood monitoring system, we can get real-time information about rainfall, water depth and changes. With the continuous development of Internet of Things technology, hydrological monitoring system and various water quality monitoring solutions have been known to more and more people.


Water quality monitoring system solutions

(1) Water quality monitoring system monitors water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH value, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, cyanobacteria, ammonia ion, residual chlorine and other parameters of water source and drinking water in real time, which can expand other monitoring functions.
(2) Water quality monitoring system real-time monitoring of sewage outlet and sewage treatment plant turbidity, PH, COD, ammonia ion, dissolved oxygen, heavy metal ion and other parameters, and can be extended other monitoring functions.
(3) When the water quality monitoring data exceeds the standard, the water quality analysis equipment fails, and the on-site power supply is abnormal, the system automatically alarms.
(4) Water quality monitoring system with monitoring data and alarm data query, statistics and analysis functions, can automatically generate statistical reports and trend curves.
(5) The water quality monitoring system has intelligent management functions such as real-time monitoring of on-site equipment, remote maintenance and remote diagnosis.
(6) Water quality monitoring system can be extended with remote camera or video real-time monitoring function.
(7) The water quality monitoring system can be integrated with the control system to achieve on-site and remote control of pumps, valves or other equipment.
(8) Water quality monitoring system software supports docking with other platforms to realize multi-system linkage and quickly respond to sudden water pollution events.

The water quality monitoring system collects on-site water temperature, pH value, chemical oxygen demand, suspended matter, conductivity, dissolved oxygen and other parameter data, and transmits the parameter data to the Internet of Things cloud platform to realize real-time monitoring of water quality data of various equipment on the site. Users can view it in real time through the computer web page or mobile APP, and can set the upper and lower limits of the standard values of each parameter freely. If the data exceeds the limit, it can send SMS or wechat alarm to relevant staff to realize early warning, avoid unnecessary losses, and remotely realize the protection of on-site equipment. Water quality monitoring system solutions are widely used in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, fisheries, tap water, factories, water purification plants, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, aquaculture farmers, government water management, aquaculture farms and other scenarios.


Aquaculture water quality monitoring system solution

1) Data monitoring
The online monitoring system of aquaculture water quality can monitor the changes of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, PH value, conductivity, water temperature, suspended solids and other parameters in real time through sensor equipment.
2) Data transmission
The online water quality monitoring technology can transmit the data collected from the monitoring point to the user end in a very short time to ensure the timeliness and effectiveness of the data. Compared with the traditional manual sampling monitoring, it not only simplifies the tedious procedure, but also saves the monitoring time.

3)Monitoring and early warning
Through the water quality monitoring system platform, users can set the safe value range of monitoring parameters. Once the front-end sensor detects that a certain water quality parameter exceeds the safe value range, the system will issue an alarm message to inform the user to deal with it in time to ensure the stock of the tank and reservoir. The water quality is good.
4) Data analysis
Aquaculture water quality online monitoring system can be set monitoring period, automatic collection, without manual care. The system automatically generates data charts, users can intuitively understand the changes of water quality. The collected data can be saved, and the historical data can be viewed at any time. It can be used to analyze and summarize the user’s breeding and planting experience, and guide management.

Aquaculture water quality monitoring system adopts advanced intelligent water quality sensor, wireless transmission system, wireless communication, early warning system, intelligent management system, etc., to carry out all-round remote monitoring and management of water quality. It can store and analyze a large amount of historical data, guide production management, ensure high yield and increase income of aquaculture, and avoid environmental problems caused by water pollution.


Swimming pool water quality monitoring solution

01. Swimming pool water quality monitoring: real-time monitoring of residual chlorine, pH, turbidity, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, flow, temperature and other more than ten water quality parameters.
02.Real-time ALARM FUNCTION: REAL-TIME MONITORING OF VARIOUS WATER QUALITY PARAMETERS, IN THE case OF ABNORMAL WATER QUALITY parameters, the first time to alarm and remind THE supervisor to take measures.
03.Large SCREEN REAL-TIME DISPLAY: CAN be customized large LCD screen, REAL-TIME display of swimming pool environment parameters.
04. Online Data Analysis and historical data query.

The swimming pool water quality monitoring system effectively combines the water quality monitoring process with the swimming pool operation control process to achieve 24 hours continuous monitoring of water quality


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